The Modern Man’s Palette: A Newbie’s Guide to Suit Colors

Mad Men, Various Suit Colors

Time and again, we’ve established that suits are important in a modern man’s wardrobe. We have also extensively discussed before that men are not always confined to a certain color. Now that you’re ready for your first suit, it’s time to take note of these certain guidelines when it comes to picking the right color.

We can deduce that you’re a suit newbie. Color preference when it comes to suits is an acquired skill. Gramps can teach you a thing or two on which color suits best with a certain skin and hair color on a certain event. Nonetheless, you don’t need to be an old octogenarian to learn these simple guidelines. You can learn it the hard (and expensive) way by experimenting on all types of suit, or the fast way by reading on.

Suit Colors

Remember the triumvirate colors of navy, charcoal gray, and black. And in this triumvirate, charcoal gray is Julius Caesar. When commissioning your first suit, opt for the charcoal gray. Why? You can wear it anywhere, be it a casual gathering with a client, or a full blown executive board meeting. It is perfect for afternoon events but also dark enough to be worn at night time or in formal events.

Harvey Specter in Charcoal Gray Suit

Harvey Specter in a charcoal gray suit.

The navy is also a good choice for first timers. You will never feel out of place when in a navy suit. Almost every professional guy who needs to look good for the job knows that owning a navy suit is a good deal. It’s as versatile as charcoal black but the navy brings out that youthfulness in you.

Navy Blue Suit

Choose black when you have no other choice. Black suits are limited to evening wear and formal events. In short, you can’t utilize a black suit in its full potential especially when you’re just starting to become a dapper.

Black Suit

Black suits are sharp, that’s a given; however, reserve it for funerals and weddings.

All suits can empower its wearer. However, a black suit can also be overly authoritative and domineering for a newbie suit warrior like you. Choose a navy or charcoal black instead.

Once you have the basics, it’s time to move forward to the more playful colors.

Burgundy is a shade of red that is associated with wine and is perfect for the autumn season. The color connotes a strong sense of conviction and anyone who wears it can expect heads turning at your general direction.

Bergundy Suit

3-piece burgundy suit

Khaki is best for summer and spring. Khaki suits are the complete opposite of black suits. This can only be worn in day time events. With the right mixing and matching, khaki suits can be very preppy. However, you need to notch up your accessories if you want to do away with the Safari look.

Khaki Suit

Khaki looks badass.

Olive Green is a dangerous color. We have to admit, the color is not for everyone. It’s either you will look like a sophisticated king, or a green moss monster.

Olive Green Suits

Who wore it better? Who’s the king and who’s the green moss monster?

The man should wear the suit, not the other way around. One day, when you become an established man in your chosen field, you will feel like your suit is part of your skin. Wear it with pride, honor and confidence and impress the people around you.

The Man with the Million Faces

David Beckham Featured Image

Say the word ‘metrosexual’ and the first person that would probably come to your mind is David Beckham. This man is just a walking, talking legend.

David Beckham Beach Pose

Goddamit Beckham! Put on some shirt! And pants too!

Born on May 2, 1975 in Leytonstone, London, England, young David Beckham demonstrated a huge potential in the field of Football. His family were committed fans of Man-U (Manchester United), and as a young boy, he always wanted to play for the club. At age 11, he won the Bobby Charlton Soccer Schools National Skills competition. At 16, he was invited to try out for Manchester and by 20 he officially became a full-time starter.

He also played for several football clubs such as Real Madrid, LA Galaxy, and the much recent Paris Saint-Germain. When he announced his retirement last May 16, the crowd cheered in standing ovation. His football legacy will forever be remembered.

David Beckham Retirement

David Beckham in tears as he announced his retirement.

Of course he is not yet dead. Some financial experts say that his career will actually boom after his retirement. They say that Beckham is not just a football player, but a brand himself. Now that he got time in his hands and a good track record, he can concentrate more on modelling and his ambassador endorsements. More importantly, he can focus on his family.

Now let us review David Beckham’s hair stats throughout his career as a football player.


Here’s a tall, lanky and awkward phase of David Beckham. You might not imagine that “tall,” “lanky,” “awkward” and “David Beckham” can be used in one sentence but it just happened. We all went there and an international football superstar is no exception.

David Beckham Early Years

Laugh all you want but remember that this was shot in the 90s. If you’ve been around for so long, you probably know what happened in that era. We all sported this type of hair! Admit it. It was cool back then, okay!

David Beckham Curtain Look

Now here’s a look that redeemed the 90s. It looks good back then and it sort-of-kinda still looks good today. This is like the Jennifer Aniston for men and David Beckham rocked it.

David Beckham Hair Down

This hair snatched Victoria Beckham. Doing away with the Curtain hairstyle has actual benefits. It actually looks good on every guy.

David Beckham Mohawk

Here’s a crazier side of David Beckham’s hair. Only a footballer can pull this off, and Beckham did a good job at that.

David Beckham Ponytail

Putting on a half pony while on a suit is an unforgivable sin that can only be treated with extreme prejudice. But he is David Beckham. And he can do whatever he wants.

David Beckham Fauxhawk

The Faux Hawk is probably the most iconic hairstyle of David Beckham which revolutionized the heads of millions of guys.

David Beckham Fauxhawk Variation

Here’s a variety of the Faux Hawk.

David Beckham Buzz Cut

Of course, the buzz cut was also sported by the guy. This shows how confident he is with himself. Some guys have no guts to even try this do. Well, Beckham looks good on anything so we just have to deal with it.

David Beckham Pringles Hair

Then he sported the Pringles look that once again shook the very foundation of men’s haircut. Of course, the shaved sides and the brushed up hair only look good with a handlebar ‘stache!

David Beckham Cornrows

Here’s a bonus: David Beckham does cornrows. A kitten dies every time a guy sports cornrows. If you care about yourself and kittens, please, stop this. This deserves five red cards, Mr. Beckham.

Let’s all learn something from his retirement. The best way is to end it like Beckham. Be at the top of your game and everyone will remember you at your best. David Beckham is a perfect example of a modern man. His haircuts are just a small part of this guy’s character. He worked hard, he excelled and he got what he deserved. Let’s all strive hard in our endeavours and be the best of what we can become.

Beach Season Basic

Light Packing


Heading to the beach is always an exciting idea. The warm weather and the view of the sunset have you longing to have some quality time at the beach. If you want to enjoy your beach vacation, one savvy tip is to pack as light and compact as possible.


This could be you if you don’t pack lightly.


Small Backpack

Packing light so that everything will fit into a carry-on beach bag is a skill not everybody can get the hang of because people tend to over pack. But traveling light is a no-brainer. Yes, it can be done, especially when it’s a beach trip and especially being a man – it spares you from the pressure that makes most women bring their entire wardrobe.

First, consider the weight and size of the bag itself. Leave behind bag with wheels because they weigh extra pounds more. Just opt for the light one which has enough pockets and compartments to help keep you organized.

Small Beach Bag

You need not pack that much. Determine what and how much stuff you really need to take with you to the beach. Think about what you’ll be doing and needing on your trip day by day. A helpful way is to make a list of the things you would like to bring. Ask yourself if you really will use each item.  As you write what you really need, you will realize what you don’t need. Then try to strip away those that are not necessary. This ensures that nothing essential is overlooked and nothing unnecessary is packed.

Packing List

Here’s a good example of a travel list. It includes the basics, hygiene tools, clothes, and miscellaneous things

A beach trip needs far less clothes than what is in your list.  It’s all about choosing the right clothing pieces to fit the needs of your trip. Choose the right clothes that correspond to the weather. Pack enough clothing to stay cool. The lighter clothing you have, the better. Of course, get rid of the pants and just wear shorts and take more short-sleeve or sleeveless tops. Avoid clothing that weighs more and choose the quick-drying one.

For footwear, leave those bulky shoes at home and bring slippers or sandals. Waterproof, plastic or rubber ones are best. They are lighter and less bulky.

Also, don’t forget to pack other essentials needed for your beach vacation. When heading out into the sunshine, give your skin extra protection by using sunscreen; and sunglasses and hats to protect your face from harmful rays. You can’t afford to leave these items.


Light Packing

It is really worth the effort to save weight when going to the beach. It is convenient and less tiresome to travel since you only have a bag to carry around.

Lighter load also makes your trip better because you only have a few items to keep an eye on hence you are less likely to lose them or to leave something behind.

There you have it. Know your comfort needs and packing style and choose what’s best for you. This will make your beach vacation more comfortable and more enjoyable. Happy packing and have a perfect beach vacation!

Chivalry: A Gentleman’s Must-Have Accessory

Man Carries Shopping Bags


“A gentleman is someone who does, not what he wants to do, but what he should do.”

– Haruki Murakami

The “gentleman” trend is making a big hype not only in fashion but also in music. Korean Youtube sensation PSY recently launched his second single entitled, Gentleman. The song is about looking like a gentleman, but not acting as one.

Psy Eating

Come to think of it, a lot of us are going back to the chivalric fashion but leaving behind chivalry per se. We grew up with the idea that the best model of a guy is the gentleman type, yet we fail to actually grow up to become one.

The English Gentleman

The English Gentleman by Richard Brathwait. This is one of the earliest records that show some exemplary qualities of a gentleman (1661)

A lot of people declared chivalry dead for quite some time. We say: it’s just in a coma.

Let’s start a movement to revive it once again. We’ve extensively discussed before how to look like a gentleman, this time let us talk about how to act like one.

Open doors for her

Hold Door

The best way to impress your lady is by holding the door for her. This applies to all types of door whether it’s the door of a small room or that of a car. Opening a door for your lady not only leaves a good impression, but also gives her a subconscious idea that you, as a man, can open opportunities for her.

Protect her on the streets

“If you’re walking with your lady on the sidewalk, I still like to see a man walking street-side, to protect the lady from traffic. I grew up with that, and I hate to see something like that get lost. I still like to see that a man opens the door. I like those touches of chivalry that are fast disappearing.”

-Betty White

Couples Crossing Street

The ladies should be at the side of the street opposite the running car.

Chivalry is often associated with the medieval ages. Nonetheless, it can still be applied in the modern times. While crossing the street, walking at the side of where the cars are going will make her feel safe. This act doesn’t really make a difference when both of you get run over by a car, but it does make her feel special.

Carry her bag (only heavy ones)

Man Carries Shopping Bags

Don’t be THAT guy who carries his girlfriend’s hand bag. It’s painful to the eyes, annoying and most of all degrading. It is degrading for you because you are the man in the relationship. Secondly, it is degrading for your girl because you are indirectly telling her that she can’t handle things on her own. There’s a thin line between chivalry and chauvinism. Learn how to distinguish it. Carry her bag only when she can’t handle it.

Not a Man Bag

You may think that this is cute. It is not.


Offer your arm

William & Kate

Make her feel like a queen. Your queen.

Nobody cares if you have the guns for it. Although an extra bicep wouldn’t hurt, the fact that you offered your arm to her already guarantees that you have a place in her heart. Take note that a lady often sacrifices comfort just to look good for you. Can you imagine the pain of walking in high heels?  Tell her that you will always be there for her by offering your arm.

Pay for her dinner

Feed the Panda

Make sure you pay for her dinner on your first date. If your partner insists that she pays her share, insist harder against it. Nonetheless, there’s nothing wrong with going Dutch at least once in a while. Just make sure you contribute the larger amount.

Being a gentleman is a commitment to serve the women, children and elderly. Nobody said it was easy. Manhood itself is a complicated thing. It requires discipline and a good heart. The best way to gain respect is to become a dignified gentleman.

Working with Colors: A Modern Man’s Guide to Different Color Schemes

Complementary Outfit

Color Palette

Mere color, unspoiled by meaning, and unallied with definite form, can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways.” These are the words of Oscar Wilde, one of the first “metrosexual” in history. Indeed, colors give meaning to life. Without it, life will definitely be boring.

You may already know that men’s wear is all about subtlety; however, that doesn’t mean you should always have to wear mute outfit. Adding a dash of color in your wardrobe is fairly easy. The hard part is mixing and matching it with other colors.

Clown Colors

You don’t want to look like a clown or a Christmas tree.

In elementary school, we were taught that color can be harmonized with each other. Remember the time when you were required by your teacher to draw a color wheel? Well, you need to consult it every once in a while. Here are some color schemes that you can incorporate in your get-up.


Colors vary in tints, tone, and shades. Thus, in a monochromatic harmony, you are using only one hue. Because of lack of contrast, a monochromatic get-up can exude utmost subtlety and muteness. However, it can also be very boring sometimes.

Men’s wear is usually confined to this type of color scheme. Go for this type of look if you want to play safe.

Monochromatic Outfit

With the right cut and texture, a monochromatic get-up can be bold as this Hugo Boss 2012 fall/winter campaign.


Analogous colors are those that are adjacent with each other on the color wheel. It also lacks the right contrast but unlike monochromatic colors, analogous colors have different hues. Because it is often associated with nature, analogous colors create soothing effects on the eyes.

Analogous Outfit

The analogous colors of the top (blazer, tie, and shirt), pairing it with neutral bottoms (trousers and loafers) give an overall soothing effect on his outfit.


As the name suggest, complementary colors complement each other. These are colors that are opposite to each other in the color wheel. When mixed together, these two colors produce a neutral color gray. This is the most popular color harmony. It emphasizes and heightens the visual effects and layers of an outfit.

Complementary Outfit

Complementary colors produce that classy yet playful outfit. The maroon blazer stands out perfectly with the green ensemble.

Split Complementary

Split complementary colors give variety to simple complementary colors. Thus, instead of the direct opposite, you use the two colors that are adjacent to its direct complement. This can produces an interesting outfit, yet perfectly balanced.

Split Complementary - Yellow Blue & Lavender

Yellow, blue and a bit of lavender is a great combination.


The triadic color harmony is composed of three colors equally spaced around the color wheel. It creates a strong visual contrast but still retains the balance and color richness.

Triadic Outfit

The red cardigan works well with the yellow tie with blue pattern.


Tetradic color scheme is very difficult to pull off. It is composed of two complementary colors, thus it can be a bit noisy when overly done. The best way to harmonize this is to pick a dominant color and let the others be subdued. Nonetheless, it offers more color variety for your outfit.

Tetradic Outfit - Grey Suit & Yellow Tie

A nicely-done Tetradic outfit. Take note that yellow is the dominant color and the blues, greens and pinks are subdued to a minimum.

Never be afraid of playing with colors. Men are no longer confined to blacks and blues. Explore the possibilities!

The Storm Before the Calm: Handling Stress at Work

Edward Norton

Did you know that in recent research, it was found that stress can actually be good to your body? What it does is let the brain produce cortisol, epinephrine (adrenaline) and norepinephrine into the body, increasing certain senses to make the mind sharp and extra focused. Healthy stress is even believed to strengthen the immune system and prevent Alzheimer’s.


Of course, good stress should always be regulated at the slightest doses. Too much stress is, without doubt, bad for your overall well-being. Chronic stress in large amount can cause clinical depression and other health hazards such as cancer, heart problems, arthritis, and even premature aging. It can even raise the risk of stroke.

Keyboard Slap

Have you ever been so stressed so much you want to slap your colleague with a keyboard?

The bad news is it will not go away. Stress, whether good or bad, is always present in the workplace. The good news is you have the power to divert it to somewhere else.

Natalie Portman

There are many ways to cope with stress without resorting to violence, Queen Amidala!

Know thyself

The Thinker

We might sound like the Greek philosopher Socrates on this one but knowing yourself is important in coping up with stress. Your number one enemy when it comes to stress is yourself. Firstly, you should be aware of the things you do when you reach the boiling point of stress. Sometimes you just can’t control it and you end up being violent with other people. You need not write it down; all you have to do is be aware.

Know your environment

Mr Incredible Stressed

After knowing yourself, get to know the things and circumstances which make you stressed. This is important to know so that you will be able to determine whether you employ the basic human reaction of flight or fight. Your sources of stress can be dealt with, so it is imperative to know which one triggers you the most.

Breathe in, Breath out.

Stress Relief

Learn the basics of meditation. You can do this anytime but the best time is at night before you sleep. There are a few Apps available online that offer free guide to meditation. The feeling after doing it is refreshing. Opening your eyes after a good meditation is like waking up on a Sunday morning.

Headspace 10 Minute Meditation

Headspace offers meditation in just 10 minutes.

Diversion: Sports

There are plenty of ways to divert the horrors of stress. Some spend it on alcohol, gambling, binge eating, or casual sex. Don’t get us wrong though, these can be effective stress busters. Maybe you can try these once or twice in your stressed-out lifetime. However, these activities may take a toll in other aspects of your life, such as health, money or relationship.

Sports Activities

The best way to divert stress is by bettering you. Engage in whatever sport you may like. You need not be confined in traditional sports like basketball, baseball, or boxing. Try new stuff like Parkour, Longboarding or Kite Surfing.

There are a lot of things to learn in the face of animosity. Indeed, the best lessons in life are learned under stress, pressure, and heartache. Always look at the brighter side of life. Sometimes, the degree of stress is directly proportional to the value of experience you are about to learn. Be positive!