Fact: Bowties are Sexy

Bow Ties on the Streets

Bow tie is the little bad boy of men’s clothing. Often neglected and misunderstood, this piece of accessory hardly ever gets to see the light of day. There’s a seemingly bad nuance that men who wear bow ties are either obnoxious or nonsensical. It is also believed that bow ties are worn only in strictly

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Pesky Pit Stains

Pattison Stain

We all had that embarrassing moment when our deodorants and antiperspirants failed on us. Some of you may have dealt with it successfully; you may have put on an overcoat or just didn’t raise your hands the whole day or night. Some of you might not be so lucky, realizing the pit stains often too

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Eau So Good

Woman Smelling Man

Men’s cologne is an important factor in completing your overall style. Smelling nice is part and parcel of being sophisticated. It distinguishes character and expresses personality. The olfactory sense is the most powerful tool for recognition. If you want to leave a permanent impression in your environment, you should not only look good, but also

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It’s All in the Nails

Grooming Nails

Girls notice a lot of things which guys think are trivial. We’ve asked girls if they pay attention to a guy’s hands, particularly the nails. Most of them would say that they like guys with short, clean fingernails and that having long and dirty nails is an absolute turn off. Men’s nails are thicker, larger

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