The Dreaded Dots

Happy young couple sitting at beach looking at back

Women like to have their hands all over their guys. But then, you have that dark, hidden burden that you carry around.  Those embarrassing little zits that occur on your back – BACNE! The back is prone to perspiration hence, a common site for acne. That makes it more difficult to deal with than facial

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Color Matching, A Must?

Have you ever asked someone, “does the carpet match the drape?” Well, sorry but this post is not about sexual innuendos on redheads. Today, we talk about matching the colors of your belt with your shoes. Just like choosing the right color of tie with the proper shirt, your belt should be well-coordinated with your

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Knocking One’s Socks Off

Matching Your Socks

Socks are interesting pieces of clothing. It has been there since the dawn of civilization but nobody gives close attention to it compared to any other article of men’s clothing. Despite the fact that it’s the most common gift you can receive from your old relatives, this poor little accessory is often neglected to be

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