It’s All in the Nails

Grooming Nails

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Girls notice a lot of things which guys think are trivial. We’ve asked girls if they pay attention to a guy’s hands, particularly the nails. Most of them would say that they like guys with short, clean fingernails and that having long and dirty nails is an absolute turn off.

Men’s nails are thicker, larger and grow faster than women’s. More germs camp out underneath the fingernails because of men’s active lifestyle. Nonetheless, whatever the reason may be, nails deserve attention in a man’s grooming routine.

Grooming Nails


Always keep your nails neatly trimmed. How often you should cut your nails depends on you. Weekly trimming can be sufficient. Use a good quality pair of clippers. Nail clippers are recommended because the cutting edge is shaped to match the curve of your nails and their curved handle makes them easy to use. Nail scissors can also be used but it can be hazardous to your nails. Don’t trim them too deep because it can be very painful.

After your nails have been cut down to the appropriate length, file the edges of your nails with an emery board. Then buff for a slight shine. Use a nail buffer and rub lightly the top of the nail. This will give a smooth appearance to your nails.

You may also want to apply some moisturizer after to keep your nails from becoming brittle. You can do these treatments all by yourself. All you need is a basic manicure set.


The same goes with the toenails. Some men do not have the time to clean their toenails. Do not neglect them! They are equally important yet they don’t get the attention and care they need since they are on your feet. A neglected toenail can lead to the development of yellow toe nail fungus and various health problems such as ingrown, athlete’s foot, and thickened toenails. Giving your toenails with the same care will help keep your feet clean and healthy.

BarbershopIf you don’t have time or don’t want to do this yourself, there are barbershops which offer these male treatments. A lot of men nowadays even have their nails groomed in nail salons. Men need to take care of their nails for good hygiene, just the same as women should. Trust us; taking good care of your nails does not make you less of a man.

The hands and the feet tell a lot about a person. There’s no excuse for nails filled with dirt. If you don’t care enough to groom your hands, which everyone sees, then what lies beneath? So guys, if you’re planning on touching girls with your hands, they would appreciate if you have smooth hands and trimmed nails.

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