Eau So Good

Woman Smelling Man

Woman Smelling Man

Men’s cologne is an important factor in completing your overall style. Smelling nice is part and parcel of being sophisticated. It distinguishes character and expresses personality. The olfactory sense is the most powerful tool for recognition. If you want to leave a permanent impression in your environment, you should not only look good, but also smell good.

Fragrances can smell differently on different people. Just because someone smells good in a scent does not mean that this certain fragrance is also right for you. You don’t have to douse yourself in the latest eau to smell awesome. You don’t just go for whatever takes your fancy. It takes a process to know what type of perfume is right for you.

Choosing the scent that suits you is not an easy task. First, you have to consider the scents that mean something to you. There are generally 3 categories of cologne that an average man should be familiar with: citrus, aqua/marine, wood/musk. There are a few more categories but leave those to the other gender.

Cologne Fragrances

In a nutshell, citrus scents are light, clean and crisp. It is perfectly used in a hot summer day. On the other hand, aquatic colognes are soft sea breezes in a bottle. It is perfect for someone who wants to exude that playful manliness. Lastly, the musky scent is perfect for sensual evenings. Musky scents suggest maturity. It all depends on your character and what type of personality you want to exhibit.


Looney Toons’ Pepe Le Pew, a skunk who can’t find a lover for his putrid smell.

Squirt on your wrists and the insides of your elbow. You cannot just smell from the scent strips they put in magazines or fragrance testers they offer at the department stores because it really depends on your skin chemistry. Let the scent set into your skin before smelling it. Otherwise, you might end up with a scent that smells good on you on initial spray but stinks like a skunk after a few hours. This is the whole concept of notes or stages of your perfume. The base note is the scent that settled on your skin and the one that is mostly noticed by people.

Arnold This Stinks

Arnold Schwarzenegger on your overly applied perfume.

When purchasing, never try three scents at the same time. Your nose might get overwhelmed and lose the ability to distinguish the scents. Also, men’s sense of smell is weaker than that of women’s so you may also consider the opinion of others.

It’s also important to know where to spray your favorite scent. Perfume for men must be carefully applied to the key areas of the body like the neck, wrists and behind the ears. This technique will sustain the fragrance longer.

Remember: do not bathe in perfume. The smell of over applied cologne can be offensive. Just keep your perfume levels pleasant and not cloyingly maddening. Plus, it can also make your pricey little bottle last longer.

An animal marks his territory by leaving his scent in his environment. This is the basic postulate why perfumed men are more superior. It indicates omnipresence as it sticks not only to the nose but also to the psyche. Impress anyone with your smell. They will remember you through your scent, as if you are always there.

It’s All in the Nails

Grooming Nails

Eww Face

Girls notice a lot of things which guys think are trivial. We’ve asked girls if they pay attention to a guy’s hands, particularly the nails. Most of them would say that they like guys with short, clean fingernails and that having long and dirty nails is an absolute turn off.

Men’s nails are thicker, larger and grow faster than women’s. More germs camp out underneath the fingernails because of men’s active lifestyle. Nonetheless, whatever the reason may be, nails deserve attention in a man’s grooming routine.

Grooming Nails


Always keep your nails neatly trimmed. How often you should cut your nails depends on you. Weekly trimming can be sufficient. Use a good quality pair of clippers. Nail clippers are recommended because the cutting edge is shaped to match the curve of your nails and their curved handle makes them easy to use. Nail scissors can also be used but it can be hazardous to your nails. Don’t trim them too deep because it can be very painful.

After your nails have been cut down to the appropriate length, file the edges of your nails with an emery board. Then buff for a slight shine. Use a nail buffer and rub lightly the top of the nail. This will give a smooth appearance to your nails.

You may also want to apply some moisturizer after to keep your nails from becoming brittle. You can do these treatments all by yourself. All you need is a basic manicure set.


The same goes with the toenails. Some men do not have the time to clean their toenails. Do not neglect them! They are equally important yet they don’t get the attention and care they need since they are on your feet. A neglected toenail can lead to the development of yellow toe nail fungus and various health problems such as ingrown, athlete’s foot, and thickened toenails. Giving your toenails with the same care will help keep your feet clean and healthy.

BarbershopIf you don’t have time or don’t want to do this yourself, there are barbershops which offer these male treatments. A lot of men nowadays even have their nails groomed in nail salons. Men need to take care of their nails for good hygiene, just the same as women should. Trust us; taking good care of your nails does not make you less of a man.

The hands and the feet tell a lot about a person. There’s no excuse for nails filled with dirt. If you don’t care enough to groom your hands, which everyone sees, then what lies beneath? So guys, if you’re planning on touching girls with your hands, they would appreciate if you have smooth hands and trimmed nails.

The Dreaded Dots

Happy young couple sitting at beach looking at back

Back of Man

Women like to have their hands all over their guys. But then, you have that dark, hidden burden that you carry around.  Those embarrassing little zits that occur on your back – BACNE!

The back is prone to perspiration hence, a common site for acne. That makes it more difficult to deal with than facial acne basically because they occur on those hard to reach spots. Most men suffering from back acne feel self-conscious and insecure. It can be a cause of embarrassment especially during the warm season when you go shirtless at the beach.


Acne Illustration

Sweat. Any kind of sweat that sits on your skin too long can be a cause of bacne in men. This is especially for those men who are physically active. Some activities like working out or playing sports increase the amount of sweat and oil produced by the skin. Sometimes this sweat and oil is not removed quickly enough before the pores get clogged.

Clothing. Our back is clothed most of the time providing a warm environment for bacteria formation. This can be worsened by the clothes that we wear. Synthetic materials trap in perspiration and anything that traps heat against the skin can worsen breakouts.

Genes and Hormones. Androgens, the hormones which are common in men, can also make your sebaceous glands bigger and provoke oil production. Some cases of back acnes are genetically passed on. It just tends to run in your family.

Acne Hunting Stress. Acne may also occur in response to your body’s reaction to stress. Stress may also increase the amount of oil on the skin and the clogging of pores leads to the development of acne.


Of course, the way to an acne-free back is not easy. It is more difficult to treat because you can’t easily reach them. So how can you do away with those bastards?

Showering Man

Just take a splash dude!!

Shower is important. Thorough cleansing with soap and water to remove oil may do. If you cannot avoid doing those physical activities, then just take a shower as soon as possible after sweating out. Washing well will prevent sweat from remaining on the skin. After showering, pat skin dry with a clean towel. Then wear loose-fitting clothing, preferably cotton, in order to let your skin breathe.

Exfoliate. It removes dead skin cells. But be gentle, use something as soft as possible like a sponge or loofah. No hard scrubbing or it could irritate your skin.


Give loofah a chance!

You may also use products with salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide. Benzoyl peroxide prevents bacteria from spreading while salicylic acid prevents the pores from clogging up. Avoid picking them as this may damage your skin and may lead to more spots. This may also cause permanent scarring.

Happy young couple sitting at beach looking at backIf you tried everything, seek for professional medical attention. See a dermatologist.

So are you one of those men who suffer in silence? With proper care, you can lessen the embarrassment of bacne. It just takes patience and discipline to get a handle on it.