Pesky Pit Stains

Pattison Stain

We all had that embarrassing moment when our deodorants and antiperspirants failed on us. Some of you may have dealt with it successfully; you may have put on an overcoat or just didn’t raise your hands the whole day or night. Some of you might not be so lucky, realizing the pit stains often too late while browsing over Facebook photos of yourself from last night’s event.

Cuba Gooding Jr Stain

Being a victim of a death hoax is bad, but a deo stain is worse, Cuba Gooding Jr.

Sweating is normal. It is the body’s way of cooling itself. It is also the body’s way of signalling anxiety and stress. Stuff like that are inner machinations of Mother Nature herself. You just can’t control that. What isn’t normal (or at least, socially acceptable) is how it stains the clothes. It leaves the impression that you have poor hygiene. It may also give the connotation that you are too stressed or nervous to handle a job. It drives away ladies. It drives away your boss.

Pattison Stain

Vamps sweat too.

Like the pangs of memories you get from all the humiliation, those nasty pit stains are difficult to erase. Since it is excreted by the body, the underarm sweat is a mixture of water, some electrolytes like sodium and chloride, and other metabolic wastes such as lactic acids and urea. This water solution is already hazardous to your clothes. What makes the stain even more stubborn is the fact that sweat is often mixed with other substances in your antiperspirant. Thus, if the stained shirt is exposed to the sun and other elements without first effectively washing it, that part usually becomes stiff, cakey and yellowish.

Prevention is better than cure

 Baking Soda

Effectively wash your clothes and get a good detergent. When hand washing, focus on the underarm and collar areas. If you’re using a washing machine, soak the stained clothing in a Baking Soda solution. Not only does it make your clothes soft, but also helps in getting rid of those germs and bacteria.

Be like a male Martha Stewart

 Vinegar Solution

There are a lot of home remedies which you can use in order to get rid of those ugly stains. Spray some distilled white vinegar on the discoloration before washing. You can also add 1 cup of white vinegar in your final rinse. Don’t worry! You won’t experience any sour after-smell in your clothes.


When dealing with white clothes, crush 2 Aspirins and mix it with ½ cup of water. Let it sit for three to six hours and wash it normally.

Here’s an unbelievable recipe that actually works. Spray some Vodka on the stain. Dab some lemon juice on that part and let it dry. Then, soak it in lukewarm water with ½ cup of salt. Wash it normally. When there’s excess, you can always have a party.

 Lemon Slices

There’s no point crying over spilled milk. Change your deodorant and wash your clothes properly. Yes, you may have embarrassed yourself to half the population of your office but you can always get over it. Just make sure that you won’t be repeating the same mistake twice.

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