Shaving Tips for Beginners

With the Hair

Man Shaving

Shaving is the most basic regimen of men’s grooming. It is the last bulwark of manliness; a trophy of manhood. Shaving is not just an after-shower solemnity. It is an art in itself.

Remember the time when you were just a kid and you wanted to grow a beard? At that point, we know that you’re just too eager to be a full-grown man. Unfortunately, you may have actually tried your father’s shaving kit and ended up miserably with the worst razor burn in the history of razor burns.

Pope John Paul II Shaving

Pope John Paul II when he was still Karol Wojtyla, shaving.

Shaving is not for the weak-hearted. It is not for boys. Shaving is like a fruit that can only be picked at the right moment. And when you step into that age when you are required to shave, by all means shave. However, if you think shaving is as easy as one-two-three, think again. There is a process. You better start learning this by heart because you are probably going to do this every morning of your life.

First things first, shower.

Frank Sinatra Shaving

Frank Sinatra, shaving after shower

A steaming hot shower is the best way to moisturize and soften the hair follicles. To avoid the risk of razor burns, never shave with a dry hair. A cold shower is also not recommended because it closes the pores. If you want to notch up your shaving experience, do it like a pro and let a steamed towel sit on your face for a few minutes.

Do the circular motion.

Paul McCartney Shaving

Paul McCartney on shaving creams

While your face is still wet, gently apply the lubricant on your face in a circular motion. Massaging your face in this manner helps the skin absorb all the effects of the shaving cream or moisturizer. Check out the ingredients of your shaving cream and make sure that it is noncomedogenic. These are products that do not block the pores. Some oldies would recommend shaving oils but it can cause acne break-outs as it suffocates the skin.

Pick your weapon of choice.

Michael Fassbender Shaving

Michael Fassbender and his Gillette

You may use a straight razor or a modern disposable. This is all up to you. Just make sure that the blade is sharp as ever. A thin layer of your skin is being scraped away when you shave (the reason why it sometimes sting). A blunt razor can greatly damage the outer epidermis of your skin. For hygienic purposes, never share razors.

Small, baby strokes.

With the Hair

That’s gotta hurt Fredie. Go with the grain!

Now it’s time to do some actual shaving. Let the blade slide across your face in small strokes. To answer the age-old question of what direction you’re supposed to shave: follow the direction of your hair growth. Shaving against the direction of your hair can cause razor bumps because you’re scraping it off below skin level.

Work with the temperatures. 

The Beatles Shaving

The Beatles shaving.

Rinse your face with warm water with a facial wash of your choice. Once the shaved hair and shaving cream are gone, ice-blast your face with the coldest water you can get. This method seals the pores and tightens the skin.

Preserve the face.

You should always take good care of your face. Remember, the face is the first part of the body that people notice. In this urban jungle that we are living in, it is always better to look good. Shaving is something that you do for yourself and not just for other people.

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