The Modern Man’s Best Friend

Dress Shoes

Fact: good shoes take you to good places. It has been a well-established doctrine that a person can be judged by the shoes he is wearing. It’s not about the brand or the price of the shoe but how that particular shoe is being treated. A shoe that is well taken care of reflects the personality of its owner. A clean shoe connotes that the person wearing it takes himself seriously and minds what others think of him.

Tassled Loafers

Now that you have invested on a shoe for your climb upwards the corporate ladder, it’s time to learn how to preserve this treasure. In this dog-eat-dog world, your shoe is your best friend. With it, you can kick ass.

In a man’s wardrobe, shoes work the hardest. Just like most of us, your shoes need a break to breathe at least a day after a hard day’s work. Yes, we are aware that not everyone has the luxury of owning two pairs of identical shoes. It is highly impractical, if not, foolish. But this is the basic premise of shoe care: it needs to breathe. Thus, you need a shoe tree.

Cedar Shoe Tree

No. Not that kind of shoe tree although it would have been really awesome if shoes actually grow on trees.

Cedar Shoetrees

Cedar Wood Shoe Tree

Shoe tree is a device placed inside a shoe to preserve its shape. It is available in other materials such as plastic or metal. The best shoe trees are made of Cedar wood because it also absorbs moisture and odor. Do away with those fancy varnished ones because they don’t suck up moisture like the unvarnished ones.

crumpled newspaper

Here’s a great alternative if you don’t have a shoe tree at home. Crumple newspapers and stuff it inside the shoe. Newspaper effectively draws out moisture the same way as a cedar wood shoe tree. Take note however that over-stuffing your shoe might disfigure it more.

Torn winter boots

A torn shoe smiles on the outside, but is weeping on the inside.

Shoes are always exposed to the ordinary wear and tear caused by the harmful elements everywhere. Those stubborn dusts and grime can crystallize on the hard-to-reach edges of your shoes permanently damaging it. The best remedy is to polish it regularly.

Polishing Shoes

Firstly, brush off some superficial dirt and stains on the shoe. Apply some good ol’ Kiwi Shoe Polish on all sides with a clean rag. The best way to polish your shoe is by inserting your hand in it. After applying wax on all parts, gently brush it with a horse hair brush until the wax is dry. Never put wax under the soles of the shoe if you don’t want to trip on the floor every time you walk.

Kiwi Shoe Polish

Want it extra shiny? Ferociously buff your shoes with your wife or your girlfriend’s pantyhose. Marvel how those things actually work.


Hey babe, I don’t need the cuffs… just the pantyhose.

Always maintain your investment. Shoe care is not that complicated but it needs dedication. A man’s legacy is often associated with his shoes. When you are new to a job, you are often told that you have a big shoe to fill. Figuratively, once you become the established person to transmit his shoe to another, make sure that it is clean and shiny.

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