The Modern Man’s Crown


A good hairstyle is indispensable to a modern man. Some of the most iconic men are known for their hairstyles.  Who could ever forget Elvis Presley’s pompadour;

Elvis Presley's Pampadour

David Beckham’s faux hawk;

David Beckham's Faux Hawk

David Hasselhoff’s hoff;

David Hasselhoff

 …and Justin Bieber’s side swept bangs?

Justin Beiber

These hairstyles may not be the conventional haircut at their time, but it did put these men to where they are right now.

Through the ages, men brush up their hair to look good and to attract the opposite sex. Psychologists deduced that a brushed-up hair connotes a subconscious phallic symbol, thus the sexual aura. For more pragmatic reasons, a brushed-up hair illuminates the face. Nothing is better-looking than a well-groomed guy.

Men's Hairstyles

Men’s hairstyle is complicated. We all know that guy who takes an hour or two fixing his hair in front of the mirror. Heck, you might be that guy we are referring to. But that’s okay.  Looking good for the people around you is not a bad thing.

Fixing Hair

Haircuts are funny in old pictures even if it’s just 2 or 3 years ago. We all had that embarrassing photo in our high school yearbook (and burning them won’t undo the horror that is your hair). The best way is to learn from past hair mistakes. They say it’s okay to have one silly hairstyle in your lifetime. But that doesn’t mean you have to sport one all throughout your life. Always endeavour to look your best. Update your haircut once in a while.

Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps, before the medals, has the dorkiest hair.

Adam Sandler Afro

Afro Adam Sandler.

2013 is the year of the smooth and sleek. Check out some of these hairstyles that may look good on you.

The Peaked Side Crop

Peaked Side Crop

Evolving from the military crop haircut, the peaked side crop has become a classic among men. Most fashionable yet conservative men opt for this haircut because it is classy yet edgy at the same time. It is suitable for men with strong facial features such as wide jaw line.

Short and Tapered Fade

Gary Barlow

Re-popularized by Take That lead singer Gary Barlow, the Short and Tapered Fade cut was said to be one of the most sought-after hairstyles of 2013. The haircut is clean yet it has a dash of rocker vibes to it. It looks good on guys with round face and wide forehead.

The Straight Blow Back

Justin Beiber Brush Up

The Straight Blow Back is also known as Justin Bieber’s new hair. This is popular among teenagers nowadays. If you want to look hip and young try brushing your hair upwards. The higher, the better!

The High Blow Back

Zayn Malik's High Blow Back

The High Blow Back is an evolution of the classic pompadour. It is edgier than the Peaked Side Crop and is likewise popular with today’s youths. This is perfect for guys who are not confined in the conservative field of work.

The Thick Side Comb

Justin Timberlake

This haircut has been around for many years and it still oozes charm and sophistication.  You need blowers and a round brush to pull this off. Nonetheless, if Justin Timberlake’s ramen-noodle hair can do it, then so can yours! Firstly, you have to find out where your good angle is. Take selfies, or ask your closest friend which side looks better.

The Quiff

The Quiff David Beckham 2The Quiff David BeckhamThe Quiff Short

Everyone can pull of the Quiff. Just like the Short and Tapered Fade, the quiff exudes that old-school rocker vibe without compensating sharpness and neatness. The Quiff varies depending on the length of the hair. A lot of male icons have sported the Quiff. To name a few, there is Elvis Presley, James Dean, David Beckham, and Bruno Mars. Even fictional characters like Tintin from the series The Adventures of Tintin and Edward Cullen of the Twilight saga donned the look. If you want something new for your hairdo, try the Quiff.

Styling hair is not anymore confined to women. It never was. Since the beginning of time, men are conscious with their hair as much as women are. Don’t be afraid to experiment with a new hair. Just be sure that it matches your confidence and personality.

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