Beach Season Basic

Light Packing


Heading to the beach is always an exciting idea. The warm weather and the view of the sunset have you longing to have some quality time at the beach. If you want to enjoy your beach vacation, one savvy tip is to pack as light and compact as possible.


This could be you if you don’t pack lightly.


Small Backpack

Packing light so that everything will fit into a carry-on beach bag is a skill not everybody can get the hang of because people tend to over pack. But traveling light is a no-brainer. Yes, it can be done, especially when it’s a beach trip and especially being a man – it spares you from the pressure that makes most women bring their entire wardrobe.

First, consider the weight and size of the bag itself. Leave behind bag with wheels because they weigh extra pounds more. Just opt for the light one which has enough pockets and compartments to help keep you organized.

Small Beach Bag

You need not pack that much. Determine what and how much stuff you really need to take with you to the beach. Think about what you’ll be doing and needing on your trip day by day. A helpful way is to make a list of the things you would like to bring. Ask yourself if you really will use each item.  As you write what you really need, you will realize what you don’t need. Then try to strip away those that are not necessary. This ensures that nothing essential is overlooked and nothing unnecessary is packed.

Packing List

Here’s a good example of a travel list. It includes the basics, hygiene tools, clothes, and miscellaneous things

A beach trip needs far less clothes than what is in your list.  It’s all about choosing the right clothing pieces to fit the needs of your trip. Choose the right clothes that correspond to the weather. Pack enough clothing to stay cool. The lighter clothing you have, the better. Of course, get rid of the pants and just wear shorts and take more short-sleeve or sleeveless tops. Avoid clothing that weighs more and choose the quick-drying one.

For footwear, leave those bulky shoes at home and bring slippers or sandals. Waterproof, plastic or rubber ones are best. They are lighter and less bulky.

Also, don’t forget to pack other essentials needed for your beach vacation. When heading out into the sunshine, give your skin extra protection by using sunscreen; and sunglasses and hats to protect your face from harmful rays. You can’t afford to leave these items.


Light Packing

It is really worth the effort to save weight when going to the beach. It is convenient and less tiresome to travel since you only have a bag to carry around.

Lighter load also makes your trip better because you only have a few items to keep an eye on hence you are less likely to lose them or to leave something behind.

There you have it. Know your comfort needs and packing style and choose what’s best for you. This will make your beach vacation more comfortable and more enjoyable. Happy packing and have a perfect beach vacation!

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