How to Look Good Naked in 30 Minutes

Your overall well-being is important to us. Being always on the move can take a toll on your personal life. Yes, you may earn more income by drowning yourself with work but it can negatively affect your health and physique.

Going to the gym is the best way to keep your muscles in great shape. But as Sweet Brown would probably say, “Ain’t nobody got time for that!” We understand that time is important to the modern man. Two to three hours at the gym can be a big burden on your work schedule. Sometimes, you just can’t fit it in your busy itinerary no matter how much you want it.

Fret not! A good 30-minute workout a day is enough to get in shape! You can slip these exercises in the morning before you take a shower. These exercises are convenient anywhere because you will not need any additional weights. Here’s how:

Push Ups

Never underestimate the good ‘ol push-up. The muscles worked include the abs, the deltoid, the pecs, and the triceps. It’s a classic workout but still very effective. Try committing slowly to 50 push-ups a day, working your way up to a hundred.

Glute Bridge

Here’s something for the glutes. Lie on your back with your knees bent. Raise your hips off the ground while contracting your abs and glutes. Avoid arching your back. Slowly lower yourself to the ground. Do 12 to 15 reps.


Do the ‘burpee’. Squat and place your hands on the floor, then spring your feet into a push-up position. Drop to the floor, and then push back up to jump vertically (as high as possible). Do 3 sets for 5 reps with 45 second recovery.

Body Lunges

Stand on your feet, shoulder-width apart. Take a big step forward and lunge down without your knee going over your toe. Go back up and repeat. You can pack in some weights if that’s a bit too easy for you. It affects your quads, hamstrings and glutes.

Bicycle Crunches

There are a lot of 5-minute ab workouts out there all over the web. Check out this 5 minute abs workout by sixpackshortcuts:

Working out is not just for vanity. It’s for your overall well-being. It makes everything you wear look good on you. Heck, it even makes you look great naked. Everybody knows that you’re working your arse off. We know that you are working for your future. But remember that that future you are saving up for would not be as great on a hospital bed. Invest in your body. Work out and be strong.


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