The Storm Before the Calm: Handling Stress at Work

Edward Norton

Did you know that in recent research, it was found that stress can actually be good to your body? What it does is let the brain produce cortisol, epinephrine (adrenaline) and norepinephrine into the body, increasing certain senses to make the mind sharp and extra focused. Healthy stress is even believed to strengthen the immune system and prevent Alzheimer’s.


Of course, good stress should always be regulated at the slightest doses. Too much stress is, without doubt, bad for your overall well-being. Chronic stress in large amount can cause clinical depression and other health hazards such as cancer, heart problems, arthritis, and even premature aging. It can even raise the risk of stroke.

Keyboard Slap

Have you ever been so stressed so much you want to slap your colleague with a keyboard?

The bad news is it will not go away. Stress, whether good or bad, is always present in the workplace. The good news is you have the power to divert it to somewhere else.

Natalie Portman

There are many ways to cope with stress without resorting to violence, Queen Amidala!

Know thyself

The Thinker

We might sound like the Greek philosopher Socrates on this one but knowing yourself is important in coping up with stress. Your number one enemy when it comes to stress is yourself. Firstly, you should be aware of the things you do when you reach the boiling point of stress. Sometimes you just can’t control it and you end up being violent with other people. You need not write it down; all you have to do is be aware.

Know your environment

Mr Incredible Stressed

After knowing yourself, get to know the things and circumstances which make you stressed. This is important to know so that you will be able to determine whether you employ the basic human reaction of flight or fight. Your sources of stress can be dealt with, so it is imperative to know which one triggers you the most.

Breathe in, Breath out.

Stress Relief

Learn the basics of meditation. You can do this anytime but the best time is at night before you sleep. There are a few Apps available online that offer free guide to meditation. The feeling after doing it is refreshing. Opening your eyes after a good meditation is like waking up on a Sunday morning.

Headspace 10 Minute Meditation

Headspace offers meditation in just 10 minutes.

Diversion: Sports

There are plenty of ways to divert the horrors of stress. Some spend it on alcohol, gambling, binge eating, or casual sex. Don’t get us wrong though, these can be effective stress busters. Maybe you can try these once or twice in your stressed-out lifetime. However, these activities may take a toll in other aspects of your life, such as health, money or relationship.

Sports Activities

The best way to divert stress is by bettering you. Engage in whatever sport you may like. You need not be confined in traditional sports like basketball, baseball, or boxing. Try new stuff like Parkour, Longboarding or Kite Surfing.

There are a lot of things to learn in the face of animosity. Indeed, the best lessons in life are learned under stress, pressure, and heartache. Always look at the brighter side of life. Sometimes, the degree of stress is directly proportional to the value of experience you are about to learn. Be positive!

Off to the Bat Cave! Tips and Tricks on Building Your Own Bachelor’s Pad

Contemporary Living Room

Harvey, Suits

Being rich and single is never a bad thing. For one, you have all the time at your own disposal. Secondly, you don’t have to deal with the bad sides of relationship. Yes, it may have a few ups and downs but it all depends on your point of view. Being happy is a state of mind. If you’re not planning on settling anytime soon, then by all means, carpe diem!

Modern Living Room

One of the perks of being a bachelor is having a place that you can call your own. It is a refuge for yourself and an extension of your personality. If your pad is messy and full of clutter, then what does that make of your life?

Dorm Room Mess

Guys, you’re no longer in college. Clean your pad, the way you want to clean your life.

Now that you have a stable source of income, a sleek new car and the right clothes, it is but important that your bat cave, so to speak, is equally sleek and sexy. Whether you’re renovating or starting anew, here are a few bachelor pad tips and ideas for you.

Keep it simple.

The best place for a modern man is minimalist and mute. You don’t want to put frilly furniture in there. Simplicity is the best policy.

Contemporary Living Room

White walls and hard-wood floors. Minimalist at its best.

It should scream masculinity. 

The place should speak for itself. The pad should exude a certain vibe that a man is living there, not a girl.

Barney's Bachelor Pad

Barney Stinson’s bachelor pad is a perfect example of the saying some men will forever be boys. That Stormtrooper shows playfulness despite the mature colors of the interiors.

It should reflect your personality.

You may have seen a good rendition in a magazine and thought of yourself, “hey this looks nice.” However, you should always remember that your house should mirror ‘you’ not anybody else.

Contemporary Bachelor Pad

Don’t be afraid to put in something that you really like. Like this pool table.


This doesn’t mean you have to put your face in all corners of your room. Put in some of your collections, whatever they may be. Display your favourite books. Buy coffee table books that actually contain your interests.

Modern Pad

The pad should be somewhere you actually want to live in.

Kanye West in Love Lockdown

Kanye West’s music video in Love Lockdown. The place has really nice interiors.

It is a house not a model. Remember, the bachelor’s pad is your sanctuary. This is the place where you can be yourself without anyone judging you. Scrutinize all the furniture that you will bring in. Don’t be afraid to spend extra cash on furniture especially the bed and the sofas. It is not just an investment, it’s a way to reward yourself after hard day’s work.


Chef's Clothes

Couple Cooking Together

According to Urban Dictionary, a Gastrosexual is someone who uses their culinary skills to impress their friends and potential love interests. Indeed, a lot of girls say that men who can cook are sexy, attractive and would definitely impress them. Girls are smitten with the idea of men cooking for them, whether what they cooked is great or not. Of course, who wouldn’t be turned on by a man who has prepared a meal for a woman? It is quite a great gesture for guys to do the cooking. That’s why it is important for a guy to be able to competently cook a few simple meals.


Chef's Clothes

Okay you don’t need to wear the uniform, but if you’re into role playing then why not.

Okay you don’t need to wear the uniform, but if you’re into role playing then why not.

It’s really quite simple. You don’t need to sign up for a cooking class to learn how to cook. You may consider buying a cookbook or just watching a cooking video on Youtube. It is advisable that you start with a simple and not-so-complicated menu. Go with something you’re comfortable cooking. Then, set out all the kitchen tools you will need for your chosen recipe. Next, put out the ingredients. You are now good to go. Just follow the instructions in the recipe. It is also important that you taste as you go.


There are hundreds of cooking videos on Youtube.

You need not throw an artistic dinner. Presentation is the key. As long as what you prepared looks appetizing, smells invigorating and tastes good, that would already impress her. And don’t forget to grab a glass of wine as it enhances just about anything.

If you’re already capable of cooking basic dishes, you may now branch out slowly from there and experiment with new recipes.


No Junk Food

It’s healthier. If you know how to cook, you avoid the junk and fast food saving you and your girl from all those calories. You have all the control on what goes in your planned meal. You can control the ingredients to be used and the amount of sugar, salt, and fat. You can choose to get good, fresh ingredients and avoid those processed ones as they contain preservatives and are high in fat, sodium and calories.

It’s cheaper. Budgeting is the key. You know what ingredients and how much of them you need rather than purchasing lots of items that will not be used. You also get to choose to buy those less expensive items. That way, you can save money. It is definitely less expensive than eating out. Don’t think that you can only impress a girl by just spending your cash in a luxurious restaurant.

Man Cooking for Woman

You’ll have quality time together. You can go shopping together for the ingredients. You can cook together. What’s better than alone time together? You two can just make it enjoyable and have fun doing it.

Lastly, it’s sexy! That’s what most women say. You are also able to show her your skills in the kitchen. It is a surefire way to impress her.

They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, we say the same for women. So guys find your way to the kitchen and try being a gastrosexual.

Bon Apetit!

The Metrosexual Man through the Ages

David Beckham

The theory of evolution developed by Charles Darwin, states that all species of organisms arise and develop through the process called natural selection. Over the years, man has bested himself in order to endure the challenges of nature. You will see the prime of this evolution by looking at the mirror. What you see is the epitome of perfection by natural selection. The question is: are you looking at a brute or a sleek metrosexual?

Darwin Metrosexual Man

The phenomenon of metrosexuality has befuddled many generations. What is it and how did it came to be? Does metrosexuality mean a hetero that is one metre away from being a homo? Or a lifestyle heavily influenced by capitalist culture.

Many have been said about metrosexuality. The first in history to ever coin the word is in ’94 by seasoned journalist Mark Simpson. He defines it as “…the single young man with a high disposable income, living or working in the city…” Anyone today can fall squarely within the definition. As a matter of fact, a guy need not have high disposable income to be a metrosexual. We think that metrosexuality has developed way before the 90s.

Narcissus Oil on Canvas

Narcissus, a famous Greek mythology character, admiring his perfect hair and body in the water. (Oil on canvass by Dionisio Baixeras Verdaguer)

Oscar Wilde

Oscar Wilde, famed Irish poet and author of Pictures of Dorian Gray, is a well-known dandy in his time.

You can see it in history and literature that the metrosexual, the dandy, the boulevardier or the bon vivant has walked and shaped the future of men way before our time. Robert Greene’s Art of Seduction even made the metrosexuals as one of the nine great seducer types in the world. Greene states that “…the true key to the dandy is their ambiguity. They are both masculine and feminine, disinterested and charming, subtle and outrageous. The inability to categorize them stirs a strong desire in women.”

Zac Efron Sparkling

Zack Efron sparkling as always

However, there is a leading trend nowadays that seems to negate from the whole metrosexual movement. The development is called retrosexual and it wants to put the man back into manhood.  Is there a difference between the two? We think of none.

Metrosexuality is a thing of the 90s and early 2000. Back then, men’s style is all about being edgy and different. Today, men are being aware of the classier style which makes metrosexuals look, for the lack of better term, cheap. Retrosexuals still consume the same amount of hair products. The two have the same clothing expenses. And more importantly, the retrosexuals are the same men who became metrosexuals a few years back. Remember in the 70s we used to call clubs, disco? That’s basically what happened here.

David Beckham Classic Metrosexual

David Beckhan, the classic example of metrosexual, sporting a classier, gentleman look. [via]

Whatever you call it; dandy, metrosexual, boulevardier, or retrosexual, it all comes down to how you take care of yourself. Don’t be afraid to look good. You are the product of a billion-process evolutionary success: act like it.