Spring Cleaning Your Wallet

Stuffed Wallet


There are many mysteries in life that are left unanswered. Like how the universe came to be? Is there life on other planets? Is there heaven or hell? But the greatest paradox in life is the stuff inside a man’s wallet.

Admit it, you have stuff inside your wallet that makes you say, “how did that get in there!?” There are receipts of items you don’t remember buying. There are calling cards of people you don’t remember meeting. Some of you might even find a condom that you’re not planning on actually using.

Stuffed Wallet

There are items that SHOULD always be inside men’s wallet. Aside from ready cash, here are some important items that every guy should have:

Government Issued ID with pertinent information

These always come in handy. Pertinent information includes your birth date, home address, blood type, and a contact number of a person in case of emergency. You are living in a civilized society and as much as you want to roam around incognito, you can’t just do that anymore. You don’t want to be tagged as John Doe when authorities find your dead body in a trash bin (of course this is just worst case scenario).

Brandii Bitstrips License

3 pieces of your calling card

Unless you’re a politician, three calling cards are enough. Business opportunities may pop-up anytime, anywhere. Potential clients and business partner are always out there. Always be ready to flip a calling card whenever possible.

James Bond Calling Card

“Bond. James Bond” The classiest way to hand out a calling card

Plastic money

It is inevitable that you will run out of cash. However, you must consider swiping these as your last resort. If you have a habit of putting your wallet at your pant’s back pocket, don’t stuff credit cards in there. The heat in your buttocks while sitting down may disintegrate the magnetic strip containing the account information.

 Credit Cards

You should also take note of these items that DO NOT BELONG inside your wallet:


Putting condoms inside your wallet is more of a show than real action. You’re not being ready when you store it there, you’re being careless. Condoms deteriorate inside a wallet. Stuff it somewhere else.

Wallet Condom


We are living in the smart phone age. Utilize it. Snap a picture of an important receipt or bill. You may dispose the paper if you want, but if it does have sentimental value, put it in a box along with your other hoardings.

Cluttered Receipts


Wallets are for bills, not loose change. Coins can damage the structure of your wallet. Same is true with keys and other metals.

Harry - Gringotts

Your wallet ain’t Gringotts Harry!

Back in the old days, a fat wallet means that a man is rich. Nowadays, a fat wallet connotes a mild hoarding problem. A bad habit is difficult to break. You may stuff useless things inside your wallet subconsciously. If you can’t fold your bi-fold wallet, then we have bad news for you! Relieve your wallet from all the burden and if wallets can talk, it will definitely thank you.

Driver’s License image from: http://bitstrips.com/r/D4PKL. Don’t carry condoms in your wallet image from: http://www.rubberrevolutiondc.com/condom-university.

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