The Dreaded Step: Meeting Her Folks

Meet the Parents

Meeting your girl’s parents for the first time? This is a serious step in a relationship as it signifies the end of mere casual dating. A lot of guys fear meeting their partner’s folks.


Caution! This may or may not happen.

You worry whether they will like you or not or on how you will act around them or what gift to bring them. It is normal for a guy to feel this way. However, it’s not always as scary as it seems. So guys, ace the first meeting and win the hearts of your girl’s parents by following these.

Get a favorable impression. First impressions always count and you definitely want to impress her parents in the first meeting. How then will you make a good impression on them? First, it’s best to know who you are dealing with. Ask your girl about them. This will give you an idea of what kind of parents they are and this will also give you good topics for conversation. Cultures and traditions may be different between you so this will be helpful in knowing what topics to avoid.


A background check would suffice. You don’t want to be in for a large surprise.

Dress appropriately. Looks can be an important factor in creating the first impression. So care enough to dress up. Also, dressing properly is a way of showing respect to them. Consider the place where you are meeting to know if you need to wear something formal or if something casual would be okay. What’s appropriate depends also on their tradition. But certainly you got to look fresh and clean so you better take a shower first. Then go for clean, properly ironed and well-fitted clothes. Make sure they are free of stains or wrinkles.

Dress to Impress

Dress up extra sharp for the occasion

Have a good conversation. Be interested and pay attention to the things they talk about. Ask them about their daughter; this will give them the favorable impression that you’re really interested in her. Also, share some things about yourself to let them know just who their daughter is with. And if you have a difference of opinion, you may say it, but make sure to say it in a respectful manner. Keep the conversation polite and just skip the dirty jokes.

Good Conversation

“Oh she got her eyes from this dude, now I can’t unsee.”

Treat your girl extra special. Parents pay close attention to how you treat their daughter. Hence when you’re around them, make sure to treat their daughter extra nice. This is a way of proving to them your good intentions. Observe them for clues about what other actions are acceptable to them.  But hold back on public displays of affection or the so-called PDA. So avoid being a little too touchy and save that when you and your girl are alone.


Be a gentleman

Be yourself. Try to be true and act natural. Don’t double the trouble. Getting too nervous will do no good and may even lead to problems itself. Just relax and put on your best behavior.

Meet the Parents - Don't be Nervous

Just relax… breathe in, breathe out.

The first meeting with the parents might not be perfect or they might not like you right away. But hey, it is just the first meeting. You should not feel bad if it doesn’t go perfectly. Just plan another visit when some time has passed.

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