Wax On, Wax Off: Washing Your Car like a Pro

New Car

There are two things in this world that a man never forgets: his first love and his first car. Owning a car is one of the many signs that you have moved up in life. It’s one of those moments that can make you feel genuinely happy.

 Car Depreciation

Sadly, a car is not an investment. Vehicles depreciate once you drive it off the dealer’s lot. Unless you own a collectible car, don’t expect it to increase in value any time soon. The least you can do is slow down its depreciation by treating it like a baby. And just like a baby, you have to bathe it regularly.

Washing your car is an art in itself. You have to follow a certain process in order to effectively clean it; otherwise, you risk the car to different damages. Here are general guidelines on how to wash your wheels like a pro:

Make sure that the windows, doors and compartment are closed. Cool down your car and make sure it is in a shaded area. Don’t believe everything you see on TV. Those chicks washing their cars outside under streaking heat is only for show. Sunlight prematurely dries your car. It leaves soap residues that may, in the long run, ruin the paint.

Car Wash Girls

You’re doing it right girls! Wash it in a shaded area.

Fill two buckets with water. One bucket should be filled with car soap, and the other is for washing away dirt in your sponge.

Car Wash Tools

Now get the car properly wet. See to it that the car is thoroughly wet before you remove the dirt. Never wipe dusts with dry cloth because loose particle can damage the car. First, you need to focus on the dirtiest part of the car: the wheels. Brush the rim like you’re brushing your teeth, strong but gentle. This can be a very dirty job because who knows what’s stuck in there.

Dirty Wheels

Using a separate sponge, wash the body of the car. Starting from the roof and moving all the way down. Put extra attention to the glass and rubbers of your car. Never use alternative products for car soap, such as dishwashing detergent or body soap. Although some might recommend hair conditioner as a good alternative, you may not want to risk an expensive car paint job.

Wash the Car

After thoroughly going through all the exterior parts of the car, give it one final rinse. It’s better to use the natural flow of your hose without any pressure. As always, start from the top moving down.

Water Hose

You should dry your car immediately after washing, lest the water spots which beats the purpose of washing your car. The most effective way is using a water blade. If you can’t stand the hair-raising screech, use a microfiber towel. Make sure that every part of your car is dry before applying any car wax.

Water Spot Marks

When buffing the exteriors, make sure you move it in a straight line. Just imagine yourself under Mr. Miyagi’s tutelage doing wax-on, wax-off, only in a front-back manner.

Wax On, Wax Off

Car washing is one of those few skills that a modern man should learn. While it is true that professional car washers can be found left and right, it is still a good thing to learn on your own. For one, you can save money. Secondly, you can treat it as a great exercise. But more importantly, it teaches a man to stand up on his own.

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