The Nautical Look

Nautical Feature

“Style is the answer to everything.
A fresh way to approach a dull or dangerous thing
To do a dull thing with style is preferable to doing a dangerous thing without it
To do a dangerous thing with style is what I call art

This stanza is from one of the most iconic poet and novelist of the recent times, Charles Bukowski. He believes that style is everything. And we agree!

Style is one of the factors that separate great men from the mediocre. Everyone must learn his own style. It comes from the most unexpected places and if you want to find it, you must be vigilant. Style inspiration is everywhere; just open your eyes.

One of the best places to get style inspiration is the sea. Some would consider the nautical look as a trend but we think it is more than that. It is a style and we firmly believe that will stay longer in the limelight. Timeless as it is, the nautical look can withstand the tests of time. Heck, it’s even perfect for all seasons!

James Dean Nautical Look

The legendary James Dean sporting the nautical look

For those who are clueless, the nautical look is a style that is heavily derived from the classic maritime and admiralty fashion. Some of the most common prints are the boat anchor and the ship wheel. The most common colors used are red, white, and blue. But the most notable pattern that we can associate with the nautical look is the Stripes.

If you want to exude that boyish and playful vibe, you have to integrate some nautical style in your wardrobe.

Polo Nautical

American brand Polo Ralph Lauren’s timeless ads are usually nautical

Tommy Hilfiger's 2013 Lookbook

Here is Tommy Hilfiger’s s/s 2013 lookbook. Everything is nautical. The style even extends to the brand’s women wear. Everything is laid back! Check out that kid! He sported the nautical look best.

Classy Nautical

Nautical can be very classy. Who says it’s only for the rugged type? Put on some wayfarers and a trench coat and you’re good to go.

Casual and Stylish Look

The striped sweatshirt is perfect with the cuffed blue jeans. It’s a perfect example of the nautical look.

Anchor Print Tie

Guys, you can integrate the look in formal/corporate events. The subtle detail is exquisite.

Anchor Buckle

Here’s a good nautical look for autumn. The sweatshirt is not nautical but that belt captures everything.

Nautical Stripe on Blue Blazer

Those nautical stripe shirts are perfect with that navy blue blazer! Also, that guy on the right has the sickest nautical belt ever!


The best feature of the nautical look is its simplicity but it has that overall appeal.

Nautical Knitted Tie

Knitted ties are the rage this year. It is gaining more and more momentum in the menswear industry! Since the knitted tie is on the more casual field, you can incorporate the nautical look easily.

Nautical Knitted Sweater

Here’s a perfect nautical knitwear for Autumn/Winter season

Boat Shoe

The nautical look is not complete without a good boat shoe. You should totally invest on buying one. It’s a good everyday shoe and it’s versatile with any look.

Try the nautical look for yourself. Of course, some of you guys might not like it but there’s no harm in trying, right? There are hundreds of different styles out there. If you want to find your style, try each one. Some day you will find your own style and when you do, stick to it.

All Things Green: Working with the color Green

Green Fabric

Late last year, we were overwhelmed when Pantone announced The Color of the Year for 2013. We were actually pretty stoked that they picked a “darker” color this time- at least compared to the last four Colors of the Year. Imagine in 2009, they chose Mimosa from the yellow family; in 2010 they picked Turquoise; in 2011 Honeysuckle; and in 2012 Tangerine Tango. Those colors can be a bit daring for the conservative menswear industry.

At first we thought: “This is our time!!”, “Finally, a darker color!”, “A man’s color this time…” Then again we thought about it and realized, hey, Emerald green can be quite difficult to pull off! Actually all things green is difficult to carry out in men’s wardrobe.

So we searched and waited. We waited for signs that green can be a staple in men’s wardrobe. Until we found this:

Gosling and Pattinson in Green Suits

The more important question is who wore it better?

We’re having doubts if you can consider these as ‘signs’ because they’re freaking Hollywood celebrities for chrissake! Truth be told, there’s a notion that the color green can only be limited to accessories and sportswear for the Average Joe. Some see greens in menswear as tacky, clownish, greedy or villainous.


Y so srs?

Draco Malfoy

“Filthy mudbloods!”

But we are not Average Joes. In this competitive world, we must act and think outside the box. We’re supposed to be a cut above the rest. After almost half a year of contemplating the values of green in menswear, we realized there’s more to greens than clowns, villains, accessories and sportswear.

According to psychologists, green is a color of growth and vitality, associated with new life and renewal. It is associated with balance and harmony of the mind, body and emotions. It also helps in decision making by clearing and relaxing the mind.

In business, it represents self-reliance, reliability and dependability. If your favourite color is green, you can be a family oriented guy or a nature lover. Most people would agree that green is a color of prosperity and abundance in finance and material wealth.    The right shade of green can be a symbol of sophistication and educational attainment.

So let’s play with the color green shall we?

Green Overcoat & Fedora

Green is not tacky at all! This guy has the guts for wearing a DB-overcoat with a fedora hat. Usually this ensemble screams “Inspector Gadget” but the color made it work.

Green Tie on Green Shirt

The dash of gray on this one tones down the green stripes on his shirt and the emerald polka-dotted tie.

Green Knit Tie

If you thought that you cannot mix blue with green, think again. The detail of the colors in his outfit is really rich. The brown button complements the navy and green knit tie.

Green Slim Blazer

Who will not fall in love with this green blazer! We’re not sure if it is suede or cotton but we sure do love the color!

Gold Rolex with Green Dial

Check out this Gold Rolex watch with a green face. As we said, the color green is perfect for accessories.

Green Sweater with Navy Blue Jacket

The green sweater is just right with this dark navy blazer. Notch it up a bit with that cool pocket square.  It’s perfect for Fall/Autumn.

Green Penny Loafers

Penny Loafers are coming back this season. Green leather will make your outfit interesting! Make sure to put some pennies on the slits for good luck!

Green Jacket with Choco Brown Pants

Earth tones are really good for your wardrobe. Check out this green blazer matched with white pocket square, and chocolate brown pants. Don’t worry, you will not look like a tree!

Green Coat on Brown Suit

Try incorporating greens in your wardrobe. A man should not be limited with blacks, browns, and blues! Colors will do wonders in your outfit. Be confident and sport some greens!

Wearing Gold: Digging a Goldmine In Your Wardrobe

Gold Rolex

Let’s face it, not everyone can pull off the color gold. Like any other metallic color, gold is something that must be worn with caution. Only a few can get away with it. If you’re not confident enough, the color might end up wearing you, not the other way around.

 Gold has been worn by great men of history. It is a color that is fit for a king and royalty.


Royalties in Ancient Egypt wear gold. It symbolizes the Sun, their culture’s primary deity.

With the sudden rise of faux gold in the market, everyone can look like a king. Just be careful with the faux gold because in your attempt to look rich, you might end up looking cheap.

Gold Guy

Money can’t buy style

Today, gold is often neglected in men’s wardrobe because it’s too flashy. There’s also a bad connotation that people who like gold are materialistic and superficial. Some of you might remember Mr. T, from the 80s.

Mr. T Gold

“First name Mr, middle name ‘period’, last name T!” Who could ever forget this guy!

Kanye West with Gold Chain

If wearing gold reminds you of the tacky 80s, how come Kanye West looks so good wearing ‘em?

There are hundreds of reasons why gold is often taken with a grain of salt, but if you open your eyes, you’ll see that gold in your outfit can do wonders. Believe it or not you can pull off wearing the color gold! Just keep in mind that gold should be worn at a minimum level.

Kanye West with Huge Gold Jewelry

Even if you’re naturally good-looking in gold never overdo it.

Moschino Gold Suit

It looks cool on the runway, but seriously, who would wear that in real-life?

Gold Guy 2

…oh yeah this guy

But don’t worry, you can wear gold and still look good!

So here’s a basic rule: Just like your leathers, the metals in your outfit should match each other. Thus, if you happen to wear a blazer with gold buttons, wear a belt with a gold buckle and a gold wristwatch.

Gold Watch Gold Tie

Gold is not confined to men’s jewelry. You can also incorporate gold in some of your accessories. The color is perfect with navy blue and other mute colors. Shiny fabrics are always appropriate in formal events.

Dapper Lou with Gold Watch

Gold can also give that vintage effect to your outfit.

The color is also not limited to formal wear. We have seen gold in the recent trends today in the casual wear. Check out the Gold Swoosh on that Stefan Janoski!

Nike Gold Stefan Janoski

NIKE Stefan Janoski SB – Black / Metallic Gold colorway

Gold Casio Watch

…and of course the Gold Casio watch that is a big hit with teens nowadays

…and of course the Gold Casio watch that is a big hit with teens nowadays

It’s not about being materialistic, it’s about being stylish. Style is a virtue, and as Plato once said, “All the gold which is under or upon the earth is not enough to give in exchange for virtue.”

The Rich History of Plaids

Tartan Bow Tie

When we first saw this trend in 2009, we thought that it was just a passing fad. Guess what, it’s here to stay!

Did you know that Plaid has been with us for 5 centuries? The earliest purchase of this clothing was recorded by the treasurer of King James of Scotland. It was said in the records that the King purchased a Tartan Plaid in 1497. Plaid was considered a royal fabric until in 1746 it was used in Rebellion against the British Crown. There was even a point in time where an Act of Parliament made it unlawful to wear one.

Plaid Rebellion

Rebellion of dapper men!

In India, Plaids are referred to as Madras. These textiles are hand-weaved and perfect for spring and summer. They create this fabric in a certain way to make it very lightweight. The process has been handed down from generation to generation where the yarn was spun from the tip-skin of ancient trees called Karvelem Patta. Archaeologists reckon that the site of these trees has been inhabited since 3,000 B.C. Now that’s a very long time ago.

When the east met the west in the Age of Exploration, it was love at first sight. The plaid fabric became the hottest textile during the 17th and 18th century.

Picking your Plaids


The signature plaid of Burberry: one of the most distinguished patterns in history.

There are many types of plaid. The most common ones are the Tartan, the Gingham and the Tattersall (checkered).

Tartan Plaid

Tartan Plaid is commonly used as kilts in Scotland.

Gingham Plaid

Gingham is very popular with preppy kids nowadays

Tattersall Plaid

Tattersall is usually called checkered. It is perfect for casual Sundays.

Tattersall Plaid 2

Tattersalls are the hottest plaid right now.

There are generally two types of plaid according to how it’s made: the printed and the woven. Printed ones are usually cheaper but the woven plaids are generally reversible. You should remember that a plaid’s quality can be viewed from a distance. At first glance you can see if it’s substandard or high-end. The proportion of colors should be appropriate with each other. Remember, you should always consult different color palettes.

Large Print Plaid

Large printed plaids are perfect for thin guys

You should also consider the size of the print in relation to your body. Smaller prints give an overall positive effect to the horizontally challenged. Medium and large size prints are perfect for lanky guys as it can make you seem to gain pounds. Heavy vertical bars add to the illusion of height while heavy horizontal ones will add to the appearance of width.

Colorful Plaid

It’s all about color coordination

You should also consider your present wardrobe. Always ask yourself, will you need a wardrobe revamp? Will you need new accessories? New trousers? Plaid can be very tricky that is why you should be very careful when wearing one.

Subtle Plaid Suit

Subtle plaids on a suit.

Plaid Double Breast

Plaid suits are back!

Plaid is very laid back and informal. Nonetheless, wearing plaids doesn’t always connote casual setting. With the right color coordination and matching, a plaid shirt can be used in the office or in a formal event.

The Dynamic Duo: Monks and Double Breasted Suit

The Wonder Duo

There are things in life that are just perfect for each other: coffee and pastries, peanut butter and jelly, red wine with steak. Some are just not complete without the other. In sports we have Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen, in comic books we have Batman and Robin, in movies we have Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker, and in music we have Jay-z and Beyonce. Wonder duos are everywhere, even in fashion.

There is no other way of wearing a double-breasted suit than with a monk-strap shoe. Of course there’s no concrete rule to wear one with the other. You can pair a black wingtip with a blue double-breasted but it just does not feel right. If you’re brave enough to wear a double-breasted suit, notch it up a bit by wearing a monk-strap.

The Suit

Men shy away from the double breasted suit, at least for the last decade. Well, we can’t blame some of us guys, the double-breasted suit is reminiscent of the dark age of menswear that is the 90s. Can you remember those loose blazers with huge shoulder pads? We may be forever scarred for life, but let’s give the double-breast a chance.

As early as 2011, the movers and shakers of menswear have been reviving the double-breast fever, minus the mistakes of the olden times.

Double Breasted by Banana Republic

Double-breasted suit by Banana Republic 2011 via Esquire

Dunhill 2011 Esquire

Dunhill 2011, via Esquire

Lanvin, Spring

Lanvin, Spring 2011

The double breasted suit is back and it’s here to stay. It took a little time for it to grow on us. Here are some pics so you guys can appreciate it more:

Dapper Men

Dapper Men

Navy Double Breasted

Navy is such a classic take on a double-breasted suit.

Light Blue Double Breasted

Gutsy dapper man. The light fabric is perfect for an afternoon lunch out.

Casual Double Breasted

That double breasted suit does wonders to his outfit

Esquire Double Breast

So sharp!

John Legend Double Breasted

One of the most stylish men of music, John Legend wearing polka on a DB suit

Ryan Gosling Double Breasted

Of course, Ryan Gosling.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Double Breasted

Joseph Gordon-Levitt in a DB. What a dapper.

The Shoe

Monk Shoes

The monk strap is the significant other of the DB suit. They’re just perfect for each other. Monks are type of shoes designed like an oxford but with a strap closure across the instep rather than a lace up front closure. In recent years, monks were overshadowed by their more popular cousins, the oxfords. Nonetheless, Monks are great addition to your wardrobe. I mean, can you resist these sexy shoes?

Unstrapped Double Strapped Monk

When speaking of double-straps, some prefer not fastening the upper strap. It adds to the style.

Single Strap Monks

You can pair monks with jeans!

Double Monks Brown

Grey on dark brown monks takes casual to a whole new level.

Double Monk Light Brown

Monks look best in dark brown…

Reddish Monks

…but it goes well in other colors too!

Now here are the wonder duos in action:

Double Breast with Double Monks Double Breast with Double Monks 2 Double Breast with Double Monks 3

Once you appreciate the double-breasted suit, you will never see a common single-breasted suit in the same way. The double-breasted suit is edgier and sharper than an ordinary suit. Now that it’s back, try wearing one in the office. We’re sure you’re going to turn some heads.

Little Round Details: It’s All In The Buttons


We have reiterated time and again that the first thing you have to know about menswear is that it’s all about the details. This is where most of us commit mistakes. Sometimes, you’re too eager to buy branded clothes without taking into consideration the smallest things. We can’t emphasize this enough but details are very important in men’s wear. As a matter of fact, its importance transcends fashion and style. Your ability to look at details is also important with your work and hobbies, heck it is even equally important in relationships.

Button Shades

Buttons are important in men’s wardrobe. It’s not just a tool to fasten clothes; it symbolizes a lot of things and it can control your overall outfit. In the Renaissance period, buttons were considered as a status symbol. Buttons were once engraved with the most intricate designs. Sometimes, the symbol and patterns are exclusive to a certain family or a club. Buttons were a serious business at that time so much so that Amish cultures restrict themselves from wearing one because of its potential ostentation.

De Goya's Don Tadeo Bravo de Rivero

Check out all his buttons! De Goya’s Don Tadeo Bravo de Rivero, 1806.

Intricate Vintage Buttons

Intricate Vintage Buttons

The effects of buttons in society can still be felt today. Ever wonder why your blazer’s buttons are located at the right while your wife’s are at the left? Well, history suggests that women’s clothes were made to be worn to them by handmaidens. Of course, this practice is not applicable today but button placing is a great way to tell if you’re wearing woman’s clothes.

Button Material to Suit

Going bespoke is fun until you’re lost with material choices. Picking the right button for the right fabric and the right occasion can be very complicated. Of course you have your trusted tailor to back you up. His experiences speak for itself and his opinion on the matter is of great weight. But of course, it all comes down to what you want. So you have to have at least a little background on buttons.

Button Set

 The most basic thing to remember is to closely match the color of the fabric with the shade of the button. This is the most traditional button choice when in formal occasions. If the fabric is light, you can go one or two shades darker for the button. Thus for business and formal events, it’s black on black, dark brown on charcoal, dark blue on navy, or dark grey on charcoal.

Button Shades 2

Nonetheless, if you want to be a bit edgier, pick contrasting colors. This is perfect if you opted for a CMT (cut, make, trim) blazer. Thus in sports coats, white buttons are perfect for navy fabrics.

Colored Buttons

Cool buttons!

White Button Sports Coat

Informal yet classy.

You likewise have to consider the material used. Some of the most common ones are Corozo, Horn, and of course, synthetic ones. Horn buttons usually come in all shades of brown, black, amber, and even ivory. These are specially carved from the horns of animals like buffalo or bull. Corozo buttons, on the other hand, are made from actual seeds of the Mococha fruit. If you don’t want animal cruelty, this is the best alternative to the Horn button. Ultimately, you can also opt for synthetically made buttons that mimic the texture of natural buttons.

Corozo Buttons

Corozo buttons in action.

Pearl Buttons

This dude used Mother of Pearls in his double breasted suit. Mother of Pearls are perfect for informal suits.

Horn Buttons

Horn buttons are almost always polished.

Metallic Buttons

You can also opt for metallic buttons but be careful with the other metals that you’ll be wearing.

As we have said, it’s all up to you! Choose wisely and act confidently. But when choosing, always remember that buttons are very important in men’s wardrobe. Don’t underestimate its effects!