All Things Green: Working with the color Green

Green Fabric

Late last year, we were overwhelmed when Pantone announced The Color of the Year for 2013. We were actually pretty stoked that they picked a “darker” color this time- at least compared to the last four Colors of the Year. Imagine in 2009, they chose Mimosa from the yellow family; in 2010 they picked Turquoise; in 2011 Honeysuckle; and in 2012 Tangerine Tango. Those colors can be a bit daring for the conservative menswear industry.

At first we thought: “This is our time!!”, “Finally, a darker color!”, “A man’s color this time…” Then again we thought about it and realized, hey, Emerald green can be quite difficult to pull off! Actually all things green is difficult to carry out in men’s wardrobe.

So we searched and waited. We waited for signs that green can be a staple in men’s wardrobe. Until we found this:

Gosling and Pattinson in Green Suits

The more important question is who wore it better?

We’re having doubts if you can consider these as ‘signs’ because they’re freaking Hollywood celebrities for chrissake! Truth be told, there’s a notion that the color green can only be limited to accessories and sportswear for the Average Joe. Some see greens in menswear as tacky, clownish, greedy or villainous.


Y so srs?

Draco Malfoy

“Filthy mudbloods!”

But we are not Average Joes. In this competitive world, we must act and think outside the box. We’re supposed to be a cut above the rest. After almost half a year of contemplating the values of green in menswear, we realized there’s more to greens than clowns, villains, accessories and sportswear.

According to psychologists, green is a color of growth and vitality, associated with new life and renewal. It is associated with balance and harmony of the mind, body and emotions. It also helps in decision making by clearing and relaxing the mind.

In business, it represents self-reliance, reliability and dependability. If your favourite color is green, you can be a family oriented guy or a nature lover. Most people would agree that green is a color of prosperity and abundance in finance and material wealth.    The right shade of green can be a symbol of sophistication and educational attainment.

So let’s play with the color green shall we?

Green Overcoat & Fedora

Green is not tacky at all! This guy has the guts for wearing a DB-overcoat with a fedora hat. Usually this ensemble screams “Inspector Gadget” but the color made it work.

Green Tie on Green Shirt

The dash of gray on this one tones down the green stripes on his shirt and the emerald polka-dotted tie.

Green Knit Tie

If you thought that you cannot mix blue with green, think again. The detail of the colors in his outfit is really rich. The brown button complements the navy and green knit tie.

Green Slim Blazer

Who will not fall in love with this green blazer! We’re not sure if it is suede or cotton but we sure do love the color!

Gold Rolex with Green Dial

Check out this Gold Rolex watch with a green face. As we said, the color green is perfect for accessories.

Green Sweater with Navy Blue Jacket

The green sweater is just right with this dark navy blazer. Notch it up a bit with that cool pocket square.  It’s perfect for Fall/Autumn.

Green Penny Loafers

Penny Loafers are coming back this season. Green leather will make your outfit interesting! Make sure to put some pennies on the slits for good luck!

Green Jacket with Choco Brown Pants

Earth tones are really good for your wardrobe. Check out this green blazer matched with white pocket square, and chocolate brown pants. Don’t worry, you will not look like a tree!

Green Coat on Brown Suit

Try incorporating greens in your wardrobe. A man should not be limited with blacks, browns, and blues! Colors will do wonders in your outfit. Be confident and sport some greens!

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