Are You Brave Enough to Wear Pink?


Pink they say is a woman’s color. Barbie, lipstick, flowers, cotton candy – these are the things which one associates with color pink. But it is time to throw away stereotypes about pink. It is a man’s color now.

Why Men Don’t Wear Pink

For many, wearing pink questions a man’s machismo. They say it is usually worn by the weak, flamboyant or effeminate. But contrary to what they believe, a man who wears pink actually shows that he is strong and can deal with any color without having issues. It shows a softer side of manliness. Of course, a woman wants her man to be macho but at the same time sensitive. What better way to show your sensitivity than deciding to go for a soft shade of pink. The color is now an accepted part of a modern man’s image. It can be a way of expressing your individuality. Someone who is masculine doesn’t need to show his masculinity in the stereotypical ways.

Independence High School Varsity Pink Shoes

Independence High School varsity wore pink shoes to support their team mate’s mom who has breast cancer [via]

Who wears pink?

Pink can be a hard color to work out with but many guys can pull it off. Even style icons, hip-hop artists, and Hollywood celebrities have experimented with the color. Here are some to name a few:

Ed Westwick Pink Tie

Ed Westwick wearing a pink tie combined with a dark navy suit.

Scott Disick All Pink

Reality star Scott Disick, unapologetically wearing an all-pink ensemble.

kanye rocking pink

Rapper Kanye West, rocking a hot pink sweatshirt and still oozing with swag.

david beckham wears pink

The classic example of a Metrosexual, David Beckham wears pink to a football practice

How to Rock the Pink

The color can breathe fresh air in your style and make your get-up stand out. The question is whether you can pull it off. It depends on you, actually. Like any other color, not all men can wear pink and not everyone looks good in it. It is by knowing how to do it right. If you are hesitant, just start off slowly.

You may want to begin with small pieces like a handkerchief, a pair of socks, a necktie, or a cap. Chances are you will actually realize that you feel rather confident wearing pink. Then try adding a pink polo shirt or button downs into your wardrobe. These are one of the simplest ways to incorporate pink into your wardrobe as they are easily worn with suits, sweaters, or on their own with just denims.

You should also know how to match it with the right colors. Choose the right shade. You can pair it with a neutral shade like white, khaki, cream, or brown. It also goes well with black, grey, or blue. However, a pink shirt with a pink tie would be a bit much for a beginner. So much so with an all hot pink outfit as it can be too overwhelming.

To finish, wear pink without being conscious as this would indicate lack of self-confidence. Pink can actually be sexy especially if you have confidence. It’s all about the attitude. Remember, if you feel comfortable with the color and you feel that it looks good on you, then that’s really all that matters.

So guys, give pink a try.

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