Be Sleek and Sharp: The Importance of Starching

Rack of Shirts

One of the most unforgivable sins in men’s wear is wearing wrinkled shirts. No matter how expensive your clothes might be or how great it hugs your physique, nothing is more awkward than seeing a professional modern man wearing un-ironed, creased clothes. It is never okay to wear a rumpled shirt even if you’re doing it on purpose. Wearing wrinkled clothes never gives off that ruggedly-handsome look. It just makes you look like some lazy slob who has given up on his life.

Creased Shirt

The color coordination is good. But the creases are just distracting.

Sometimes, ironing clothes is just not enough. Your activity in the work environment can be very dynamic and by the end of the day, you finish up with a wrinkled shirt. The problem arises when you have an after-shift night-out and you don’t have time to change clothes. Of course, our goal is for you to look your best no matter what time, place, or circumstance. But the question is, how?


Starching is the most effective way to look sharp and crisp all throughout the day. This has been a long tradition since the 16th century but for some unknown reason, it has been forgotten as of late. Starching should always be an option for the modern man. It makes a man look neat and sharp. It gives the man the impression that he takes good care of himself.

Dry Cleaners

You can always approach your trusted dry-cleaning lady to starch your clothes. It’s a matter of preference whether you want it light, medium, or heavy. Remember, the heavier the starch, the more formal it looks. Starching also helps in protecting the fabric. It’s easier to wash because the dirt comes off with the starch and does not stick onto the fabric. Just be careful with starching your clothes too much because the fabric might end-up stiff like a carton.

Overstarched Shirt

Yep, this can happen. Looks clean though!

With all the ready-made starch solutions available in stores everywhere, you can likewise starch your clothes like a pro. On a damp shirt, spray the starch six inches away from the fabric. Make sure that the starch solution is evenly sprayed on the whole shirt; otherwise, you will be dealing with some uneven cakey portions of your shirt.


Faultless is the leading ready-made starch solution in the market. Nonetheless, you can make a DIY solution with ingredients found in your home. It’s easy! Just put 1 tablespoon of cornstarch for every 3 1/4 cup of boiling water. You may also add fragrances like lemon juice or any fragrant essential oil.

Some believe that starching has become démodé. However, we believe that looking neat and sharp is never out of fashion. Living in a competitive work environment requires dedication and precision. A well-ironed shirt can make a person cut above the rest. A crisp shirt can make a difference.

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