Color Matching, A Must?

Tassels and Belts

Have you ever asked someone, “does the carpet match the drape?” Well, sorry but this post is not about sexual innuendos on redheads. Today, we talk about matching the colors of your belt with your shoes. Just like choosing the right color of tie with the proper shirt, your belt should be well-coordinated with your shoes.

The basic rule is: the color of your shoe should at least be of the same shade as your belt.  The stringency of this rule depends upon the type of occasion or event that you will be attending. Thus, a strictly formal event requires black shoe on black belt, non-negotiable. However, on casual Sundays, you can wear a more laid-back coffee brown shoe on a copper brown belt so long as they are of the same family of color.

Ryan Gosling

Damnit Ryan Gosling, why can’t you commit a mistake for once!

You should also take note of the texture and material of both the shoes and belt. This does not mean though that these two should always come in pairs. Nonetheless, if you want to commit to it, purchase the belt and shoes at the same time. This ensures that they are exactly of the same color and material. 1 out of 20 men is color blind and not everyone can distinguish sepia from brown.

Shoe-belt rule

The shoe-belt rule is not just a whimsical rule for men’s style. It actually creates a subtle effect of coherence in your outfit.

The rule, however, affords an exception. When wearing white brogues or any color other than black or brown, you can wear any color of belt as long as it is well coordinated with the whole get-up.

Kanye's Neon Green Belt

Well if you can pull off a neon green belt like Kanye West, then why not?

These rules can be quite stern for some of you guys. A modern man should learn how to display his personality through what he wears. It is not easy to show off in a place where everyone is clone of somebody. Nevertheless, these rules are there to guide you on what can be pleasing to the eye. A gentleman should look and act with much appropriateness and harmony. The magic word here is “coherence.”

Now the question is, “does the carpet match the drape?”  

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