Knocking One’s Socks Off

Matching Your Socks

Polka-Dotted Socks

Socks are interesting pieces of clothing. It has been there since the dawn of civilization but nobody gives close attention to it compared to any other article of men’s clothing. Despite the fact that it’s the most common gift you can receive from your old relatives, this poor little accessory is often neglected to be worn out for years.

Our ancestors first wore socks from animal skins which were tied around their ankles. The earliest relic can be found in Egypt after excavations in pharaoh’s tombs in the early 3rd century A.D. Can you imagine how tattered those socks can be; yet it can be compared to what you guys are mostly wearing right now.

Egyptian Socks

12th century sock found in Fustat, Egypt

A sock’s lifespan can last up to 3 to 6 months depending on how you wear it. A low-quality dress sock worn weekly can fade in just about 3 washes. Thus, it is important to replace your socks regularly to avoid any embarrassing sock blunder.

Socks are important for two main reasons: functionality and aesthetics. Socks are worn to protect the feet from blisters and other worldly illnesses such as Athlete’s Foot. In terms of aesthetics, it is worn to complete a formal look ensemble. However, there are basic sock rules to live by which is imperative for a modern man to get acquainted with.

You are no Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson Socks

Michael Jackson is Michael Jackson and if you’re wearing white socks like him, “just beat it.”

It must be reiterated that white socks are only for sports. Never ever wear white socks in formal occasions. Don’t ever assume that nobody will see your white socks, because chances are, the little devil will peep through when you sit down.

Socks are dependent creatures.

Matching Your Socks

The color of your socks depends on your pants while the material used depends on your shoes. This sounds tricky but it’s fairly simple. Silk socks are for dress or casual shoes while heavy duty socks are for sports shoes. It gets complicated when you decide to mix and match your outfit. Say for example, you decided to wear a navy blue suit on a brown leather shoe; your socks should match the blue suit. This is to avoid the “bootee effect.” It is when your socks look like a part of your shoes thus looking like boots. If you’re still in doubt, just wear socks with a darker hue.

Don’t show skin.

Navy Blue Socks

The hairy pale skin showing on your legs while sitting down breaks the fluidity of your formal look. There’s no problem with the sock itself because you can practically buy dress socks that are long enough for comfort. The problem comes when your trousers are short and hanging. It is thus important to wear the right fit of pants in dress occasions.

Sock Drawer

There is a trend right now with colourful and patterned socks. The rules are liberal on this one. You can wear it depending on your personality.

 NB Polka-Dotted Socks

Men’s wear is all about getting into detail. Just like the tie, the suit or the shoe, socks are equally important in the whole look.

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