Should Men Wear Paisley? Yes!

Paisley Pattern

Let’s face it, not all man can handle paisley. It’s one of those things that either create or destroy a man’s image. You need the guts, the balls, and all the courage in this world to effectively sport one. Indeed, only the boldest men can give credence to this wonderful print called paisley.

Paisley Outfit

Can you handle it?

Paisley’s roots can be traced all the way from India’s boteh patterns. Boteh is a Persian word meaning bush or shrub. It may also connote palm leaf, cluster of leaves (thus the repeated pattern) and flower bud.


Here’s the usual boteh pattern from India

Today, it can be associated with those intricate patterns resembling a tear drop or a Kidney. The term “paisley” is derived from a town in Scotland where a large amount of it were produced in the 1800s.

The Beatles Paisley Everywhere

Paisleys overload!

By the 1960s the paisley print became the hottest pattern in every man’s wardrobe. Paisley became synonymous with the late 60s and 70s. The Beatles’ helped a lot in its resurgence in the popular scene.

Why scared? Is it because it is associated with the 70s and everything in it can be tacky? Well, it depends.

The hard and fast rule when wearing paisley is to mute everything else that comes with it. If you’re quite a beginner in wearing one, try to keep it at its minimum. Limit the pattern to small pieces of clothing like your tie, your pocket square or your socks.

Paisley Suit

Paisleys on suits can look good on this model, but leave it to the professionals. Keep your paisleys at a minimum

You can also check out some monochromatic paisley in ties and other garments.

Paisley Bow Tie

Bowties are cool, and it gets extra-cooler when in paisley.

Red & Blue Paisley Pocket Square

Paisley-printed pocket squares are the best!

White Paisley Tie

This tie is clean and sophisticated yet with a dash of cool paisley design

Blue Scattered Paisley Tie

Check out the scattered paisley! It looks good on anything!

Brown Paisley Tie

Some just can’t pull off this look

Paisley Pocket Square

Here’s another detail on pocket squares! It just adds a spark in the whole outfit.

Paisley Scarf & Pocket Square

Can you pull off the prints in this outfit?

Blue & Orange Paisley Tie

What we love about paisley is how it gives richness and texture to the whole outfit. Men’s wear is all about the details and adding a dash of paisley in your ensemble can give spice to it.

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