The Dynamic Duo: Monks and Double Breasted Suit

The Wonder Duo

There are things in life that are just perfect for each other: coffee and pastries, peanut butter and jelly, red wine with steak. Some are just not complete without the other. In sports we have Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen, in comic books we have Batman and Robin, in movies we have Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker, and in music we have Jay-z and Beyonce. Wonder duos are everywhere, even in fashion.

There is no other way of wearing a double-breasted suit than with a monk-strap shoe. Of course there’s no concrete rule to wear one with the other. You can pair a black wingtip with a blue double-breasted but it just does not feel right. If you’re brave enough to wear a double-breasted suit, notch it up a bit by wearing a monk-strap.

The Suit

Men shy away from the double breasted suit, at least for the last decade. Well, we can’t blame some of us guys, the double-breasted suit is reminiscent of the dark age of menswear that is the 90s. Can you remember those loose blazers with huge shoulder pads? We may be forever scarred for life, but let’s give the double-breast a chance.

As early as 2011, the movers and shakers of menswear have been reviving the double-breast fever, minus the mistakes of the olden times.

Double Breasted by Banana Republic

Double-breasted suit by Banana Republic 2011 via Esquire

Dunhill 2011 Esquire

Dunhill 2011, via Esquire

Lanvin, Spring

Lanvin, Spring 2011

The double breasted suit is back and it’s here to stay. It took a little time for it to grow on us. Here are some pics so you guys can appreciate it more:

Dapper Men

Dapper Men

Navy Double Breasted

Navy is such a classic take on a double-breasted suit.

Light Blue Double Breasted

Gutsy dapper man. The light fabric is perfect for an afternoon lunch out.

Casual Double Breasted

That double breasted suit does wonders to his outfit

Esquire Double Breast

So sharp!

John Legend Double Breasted

One of the most stylish men of music, John Legend wearing polka on a DB suit

Ryan Gosling Double Breasted

Of course, Ryan Gosling.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Double Breasted

Joseph Gordon-Levitt in a DB. What a dapper.

The Shoe

Monk Shoes

The monk strap is the significant other of the DB suit. They’re just perfect for each other. Monks are type of shoes designed like an oxford but with a strap closure across the instep rather than a lace up front closure. In recent years, monks were overshadowed by their more popular cousins, the oxfords. Nonetheless, Monks are great addition to your wardrobe. I mean, can you resist these sexy shoes?

Unstrapped Double Strapped Monk

When speaking of double-straps, some prefer not fastening the upper strap. It adds to the style.

Single Strap Monks

You can pair monks with jeans!

Double Monks Brown

Grey on dark brown monks takes casual to a whole new level.

Double Monk Light Brown

Monks look best in dark brown…

Reddish Monks

…but it goes well in other colors too!

Now here are the wonder duos in action:

Double Breast with Double Monks Double Breast with Double Monks 2 Double Breast with Double Monks 3

Once you appreciate the double-breasted suit, you will never see a common single-breasted suit in the same way. The double-breasted suit is edgier and sharper than an ordinary suit. Now that it’s back, try wearing one in the office. We’re sure you’re going to turn some heads.

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