The Modern Man’s Shoe Dilemma

Brogued Saddle Oxford

Did you know that your shoes can do an awful lot of talking about you? A handful of research suggests that your shoe choice can accurately tell 90 percent of your personality. That’s why it is imperative to wear nice-looking shoes in job interviews or any significant occasion of your life.

Be that as it may, the more important question is: what constitute a “nice-looking shoe”? In 2006, pointed dress shoes were immensely popular. Every stylish man that you know is wearing one.  We all learned from this mistake. Pointed toes are generally for women unless you are an elf or a cowboy.

elf - pointed shoe

Elves from the North Pole called, they want your pointed shoes back

It was even studied that pointed toes in men’s shoe can contribute to various foot problems such as in-grown toe nails and nerve damage.

diddy's shoe

Sorry P.Diddy, you might look “sharp” but that deadly weapon needs to be confiscated

This mistake happens to the best of us. It’s easy to ride a bandwagon without thinking if it’s just a fad or something that transcends time. Think of your shoes as an investment that you need to wear for a long period of time. Check out these nice-looking shoes that you (and the people around you) will surely love.



These shoes can be worn in work or in casual occasions. This type of shoe is commonly called a ‘slip-on’ for having no laces. A common loafer usually has tassels but you can do away with it.

Tassel Loafers

Take a look at these Penny Loafers. These are American classics that you can wear anywhere. The tradition of putting dimes inside started in the 40s so that kids can make emergency-calls through payphones.

Penny Loafers



oxfords - simply a classic

Every man should own a pair. This type of shoe has its origins way back in the 1800s from Scotland and Ireland. Its success in America and England made it a classic shoe for stylish men. There are many evolution of this type; among others are the Brogues and the Saddles. Brogues are Oxfords that has perforations shaped into various designs while Saddles are characterized for its plain toe and saddle-shaped panel located in its mid-foot.

Brogued Saddle Oxford

Here’s a Brogued Saddle Oxford shoe by Ben Sherman




Monks are styles of shoe with no lacing but closed by a buckle and strap. These are generally perfect with dress pants and suits. It can be a single monk-strap or a double-monk strap. Wear these if you’re feeling a bit edgy but classy at the same time.

Men’s shoes are expensive and purchasing one can be a burden for an ordinary guy. Notwithstanding, the price is nothing compared the quality it can give to the wearer particularly the outlook it leaves to other people. The best way to sweep people off their feet is… by actually wearing a nice pair of shoes. These shoes will not only physically get you from one place to another, but will also help you in the pursuit of your dreams. Invest in them!

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