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“Style is the answer to everything.
A fresh way to approach a dull or dangerous thing
To do a dull thing with style is preferable to doing a dangerous thing without it
To do a dangerous thing with style is what I call art

This stanza is from one of the most iconic poet and novelist of the recent times, Charles Bukowski. He believes that style is everything. And we agree!

Style is one of the factors that separate great men from the mediocre. Everyone must learn his own style. It comes from the most unexpected places and if you want to find it, you must be vigilant. Style inspiration is everywhere; just open your eyes.

One of the best places to get style inspiration is the sea. Some would consider the nautical look as a trend but we think it is more than that. It is a style and we firmly believe that will stay longer in the limelight. Timeless as it is, the nautical look can withstand the tests of time. Heck, it’s even perfect for all seasons!

James Dean Nautical Look

The legendary James Dean sporting the nautical look

For those who are clueless, the nautical look is a style that is heavily derived from the classic maritime and admiralty fashion. Some of the most common prints are the boat anchor and the ship wheel. The most common colors used are red, white, and blue. But the most notable pattern that we can associate with the nautical look is the Stripes.

If you want to exude that boyish and playful vibe, you have to integrate some nautical style in your wardrobe.

Polo Nautical

American brand Polo Ralph Lauren’s timeless ads are usually nautical

Tommy Hilfiger's 2013 Lookbook

Here is Tommy Hilfiger’s s/s 2013 lookbook. Everything is nautical. The style even extends to the brand’s women wear. Everything is laid back! Check out that kid! He sported the nautical look best.

Classy Nautical

Nautical can be very classy. Who says it’s only for the rugged type? Put on some wayfarers and a trench coat and you’re good to go.

Casual and Stylish Look

The striped sweatshirt is perfect with the cuffed blue jeans. It’s a perfect example of the nautical look.

Anchor Print Tie

Guys, you can integrate the look in formal/corporate events. The subtle detail is exquisite.

Anchor Buckle

Here’s a good nautical look for autumn. The sweatshirt is not nautical but that belt captures everything.

Nautical Stripe on Blue Blazer

Those nautical stripe shirts are perfect with that navy blue blazer! Also, that guy on the right has the sickest nautical belt ever!


The best feature of the nautical look is its simplicity but it has that overall appeal.

Nautical Knitted Tie

Knitted ties are the rage this year. It is gaining more and more momentum in the menswear industry! Since the knitted tie is on the more casual field, you can incorporate the nautical look easily.

Nautical Knitted Sweater

Here’s a perfect nautical knitwear for Autumn/Winter season

Boat Shoe

The nautical look is not complete without a good boat shoe. You should totally invest on buying one. It’s a good everyday shoe and it’s versatile with any look.

Try the nautical look for yourself. Of course, some of you guys might not like it but there’s no harm in trying, right? There are hundreds of different styles out there. If you want to find your style, try each one. Some day you will find your own style and when you do, stick to it.

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  1. Do you happen to know where I could get the sweater that the guy is wearing in the nautical belt picture? I absolutely love it and would really like to buy it.

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