Wearing Cufflinks Like A Boss

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When it comes to accessorizing, men are limited with choices. As a matter of fact, the pieces of jewelry that a man can actually sport without getting any weird looks are confined generally with watches, rings, and cufflinks. Watches are staple in men’s wear because it can be both fashionable and highly functional at the same time. Rings, on the other hand, portray a man’s accomplishment and commitment. Rings and watches are mainstream accessories which everyone sports. The least appreciated and probably the most neglected accessory is the cufflink. But this was not the case 4 centuries ago.

The forerunner of cufflinks was King Louis XIV of France. During the 16th century, cufflinks were originally made for the royalties and high-class men.

King Louis XIV Wearing Cufflinks

Portrait of King Louis XIV by Nicolas Pitau. If you look more closely, you can see the King wearing a cufflink on his right sleeve.

Through time, cufflinks evolved to adapt the demands of men. From the so-called cuff strings, which are literally just strings attached to buttons, it developed into more durable type. Some types were embedded with precious stones and metals for the sophisticated men.

James Bond Cufflinks

By the late 70s, the more practical button shirts put the cufflinks industry in a coma although it can still be seen in a few James Bond movies. Nonetheless, it made a comeback by the early 90s. The cufflink is once again seen in business meetings black-tie events and other social gatherings.

Cufflinks are very important in completing an overall style. What is great about it is that no matter what level of formality you’re going for, there’s a cufflink available for that.

Check out these cool cufflinks with different designs.

Chinese Knot Cufflinks

Chinese Knot Style Cufflinks from Modern Man Collection


Dark Knight Cufflinks

Cufflinks are like the Dark Knight of men’s wear. A silent guardian; a watchful protector.


Cause Cufflinks

Cufflinks are great way to show your cause to other people in the subtlest manner.


Sophisticated Cufflinks

This cufflink screams sophistication.


Hi-Tech Cufflinks

Technology-at-work. This cufflink has 2GB USB Flash drive on one hand and a Mini Router on the other.

There are two ways of cuffing shirts: The kiss and the barrel-style.

Kiss Cuff

The kiss cuff is the more common way of cuffing shirts. The cuffs are pinched together as though the ends are kissing. This gives flare to the sleeve.

Barrel-Style Cuffs

The barrel cuff, on the other-hand, is a style where the top end is overlapped with the other. It is more discreet way of wearing cuffs.

Aside from the cuffing method, there are also two kinds of shirt cuff: the French cuff and the single-length cuff.

French Cuff

French cuff


Single Cuffs

Single Cuffs

The French cuff is the dressier type. The sleeve is longer and it must be folded in order for the cufflinks to hold four layers of fabric.  Conversely, a single-length cuff is the more common type of cuffs. Usually, this style tends to be more casual. The kiss-style cuff is more appropriate with the French cuff shirt, while the barrel cuff looks good on single-length cuff.

Subtle Style

Unless you purposely want to look like an obnoxious douche, stay away from loud pieces of clothing and accessories. The subtlest details of an outfit are the one that speak out the most about its wearer. This is one of the many paradoxes of men’s wear. Men’s style is all about subtlety. Wearing cufflinks is an effortless and classy way to display personality. People around you will surely love the detail.

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