Your Second Skin: A Modern Man’s Guide to Shirt Fit

Taylor Lautner in GQ

Nothing looks as good as a guy in a well-tailored shirt. You may not have the body of a god, but wearing a well-fitted shirt is the next best thing. Proper fitting is the most important aspect of style. You can have the luxury of buying branded and expensive shirts, but it all goes down the drain if it’s too big or too small for your comfort.

There are certain rules to be followed in a well-fitted shirt. If you want to alter a specific shirt, you can’t just go to your tailor and demand something to be done. The proper thing to do is to consult him on the right measurements. After all, he’s the professional. Nonetheless, we know for a fact that not everyone has time for that. Here are some sizing rules of thumb when purchasing a shirt.

Neck and Collar

2 Finger Rule

When it comes to the basic measurements, you should be able to insert two of your fingers in your collar when the top button is fastened. The style of the collar should be appropriate for the one who wears it and the event on which it is worn. When considering the body type, men with longer necks are advised to pick high collars while men with full necks should wear lower collars.

Fit of sleeves and cuff

Sleeve Length

The length of the sleeves is measured from the center of the back yoke to the end of the cuff. Cuffs should fit closely while leaving room for movement. Here you have the liberty to pick a slightly longer sleeve. You may not sense it, but shirts usually shrink vertically.

Proper Cuffs

When closed, cuff should end at the base of your thumb where your arm and hand meet. Always consider that at least 1 cm of the cuff ends should be visible underneath a suit sleeve.

Body and Shoulders

Proper Fit

Almost half-a-decade ago, you wouldn’t find any tapered shirt in the menswear department of your local stores. Today, we are lucky for having a wide array of choices. There are 3 options to consider when choosing a shirt in so far as body fit is concerned: the classic, the slim and the contemporary. The classic is the default measurement worn by our ancestors. It is traditional, a bit loose, and ideal on almost all sorts of body shape. The slim is a very modern fit silhouetting the body. It looks good on dudes who have a medium to athletic build. The contemporary fit is the best of both worlds. It is fitted at the waist, but not as tight as the slim fit. The safest way to go is the contemporary fit.

The fit on your shoulder is very basic. Make sure that the armhole’s seam fall at the edge of your shoulder.

Tucked-in Zone

Zack Gordon in White House Down Premiere

Zack Gordon should have at least tucked his shirt. Taken from the premiere of White House Down

Never tuck a shirt meant to be un-tucked and vice-versa. If the shirt’s length is longer than your fly, it’s meant to be tucked. Another way of knowing is by checking where the spare buttons of your shirt are stitched. If it is located at the side of your shirt (right above the hem gusset), it’s meant to be un-tucked. If it is at the bottom of your button packet, then it is meant to be tucked in.

Knowing how to pick a well-fitted shirt says a lot about a person. It means he knows what he wants and gets it. It means he knows and understands himself. We all have different body types but the clothes should fit the man and not the other way around. Otherwise, the clothes wear you instead of you wearing the clothes.

The Magic Touch

The Magic Touch

Thinking of what to give your woman? Actions speak louder so instead of splurging on an expensive dinner, why not give your woman a massage at the comfort of your home.

Massage 2

Massage is an excellent way to relieve her stress and make her relax especially after a day’s work leaving her feeling warm, tension-free and even sexy. It also creates a therapeutic effect. It can even enhance your loving relationship as it gives both you and your woman a romantic and intimate moment to bond.


Ambiance is the key; you need a place that is relaxing. Enhance the ambiance by dimming the lights or by using scented candles to give a luminous effect to the room. Turn on some relaxing and soothing music. Have it play throughout the massage. These things help to relax the mind as well as the body.

Scented Candles

If you don’t have a massage table in your home, use a bed which is firm yet comfortable or just place a mat on the floor.

Use massage oil. It can be easily absorbed by the skin and does not easily disappear as compared to a lotion and it reduces friction making it easier to knead her stressed body.

Massage Oil

You will also need a blanket or towel to cover her body.

Massage tools like a massage ball or a rolling tool can also enhance the massage experience.

Massage Balls



You don’t need to be an expert to be able to give a good massage. Anybody can give one like a trained pro.

First, have your woman lie on her stomach. Once she’s comfortable, use the blanket or towel to cover her body. Pour just enough massage oil on your palm. Don’t pour it straight onto her body. Rub your hands together to warm the oil before you apply it. Start with slow and soothing strokes. Once you feel her muscles have relax you may increase the pressure. But ask her how she likes the pressure or where she would like you to focus on. Avoid pressing too hard as it may cause pain instead of pleasure.

Scalp Massage

Begin from one point of her body then move on to the next adjoining part. You may start with her neck or shoulders since these parts are highly sensitive to tension. These areas can be a great place to begin a massage so that her tension is eased right from the start. Then you may work your way down. As you work, remove the towel only on the area of her body you want to massage. Then cover it again to keep the area warm. Once it’s done, wipe her body with a towel to remove the oil.

After Massage

It may not be equivalent to a professional massage but surely it’s a heck of a good one since it is being done by her man.  All you need is a gentle touch, a few massage skills and it will surely be appreciated by your woman. So grab your woman now and give her a relaxing and enjoyable massage experience.

How to Win Your First Job Interview

Job Interview

Your first car, your first pay check, your first raise, these are things in life that is worth dreaming. But before dreaming big, you have to start somewhere. Job interviews are inevitable if you want to land the job of your dreams. It’s that moment that could make or break your career and your life.

Job Competition

It’s okay to feel anxious! It happens to the best of us. Did you know that job interview is one of the top phobias in the world? Well, the anxiety that you are feeling is more common than you thought. Cut the crap, face your fears and own the job you want. The question is, how?

In this competitive world, it’s always better to be a cut above the rest. There are two factors you need to consider: the superficial and the substantial. These two should equally jive with one another.


The superficial aspect of your job interview is all about how you look. It extends to everything that meets the eye, including the design of your resume. The substantial portion is how you answer the questions, your little gestures, and ultimately what is written in your curriculum vitae.

The Superficial

“Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.” This is the golden rule of corporate wear. You have to wear something that would send a message across the interviewee that you are the right man for the job.

Astronaut Job Interview

The quote DOES NOT apply to astronauts!

Do away with distracting accessories. Save the loud pocket squares for your celebration when you get the job. For now, you have to wear something safe… but not boring. Remember, colors also play a huge part in the interviewees psyche. Wear something that soothes the senses. A solid blue tie is the best way to go while white is the safest shirt color.

Blue Suit with Red Striped Tie

I’d hire this guy.

Safe White Shirt

White shirts are the safest.

Khaki Suit with Blue Tie

If this guy shows up in my office asking for a job, I’d probably resign and give him the one I have.

Be sure to groom properly. Clip your nails, have a good haircut, shave, take a good shower and always remember to brush your teeth.


When a person is nervous, his stomach produces more acids, thus increasing the probability of bad breath. Be sure to brush your teeth and gargle extensively.

Remember to shine your shoes the night before. All leathers in your body should be of the same family of colors.

If you usually sport earrings or other jewellery except for a wedding ring or a watch, remove it. The wedding ring actually connotes loyalty and stability for men while the watch connotes punctuality and promptness.


Hire or fire?

The Substantial

Looks are just 50 percent of an effective job interview. Of course, you have to make sure that you are not just a mascot but actually the right man for the job. Review your qualifications for the job and learn more about the organization. You must be able to briefly discuss more about yourself and argue effectively why you they should hire you.

You should also be aware of your small gestures during the job interview. Slouching, fidgeting and crossing your arms are absolute no-nos. When shaking your hands, have a firm grip. Never forget to smile.

Firm Handshake with a Smile

Actions speak louder than words, thus, you don’t need to worry about “how average” your resume is. It’s all about how you present it and how you carry yourself. Confidence is the key to everything. Always remember that you are unique in your own way and you can be an asset for the company. If they reject you, don’t feel bad. It’s their loss not yours.

Fashion Faux Pas: Common Suit Mistakes

Suits - Harvey Specter

Suits are considered the modern man’s second skin. And just like your own skin you want to look good in it. Indeed, a well-tailored suit is to women what lingerie is to men. If you want to look good in a suit, take note of these common suit mistakes that can make or break your overall style.

Suit Mistake Convention

Is this a Suits Mistake Convention? (Credit to the owner of the photo)

Wrong Belt/Shoes Combo

Belt & Shoes

We have stressed before that when speaking about menswear, the carpets must always match the drapes. The color of your shoes must be of the same shade with your belt. There are no exceptions to this rule when it comes to formal wear. If you can’t find a good belt of the same shade with your shoes, then try donning some suspenders.



If you’re always on the go, never partner your suit with a backpack. Not only does it look horrendous, but it also deforms the shoulder pads in your jacket. Hey, you don’t want to let that 20-dollar backpack ruin your 500-dollar suit!

Inappropriate Trousers

Mismatched Suit

It’s called a suit for a reason. If the jacket and the trouser are made together: they must get worn-out together and they must be disposed together. Never justify yourself that they’re both “black.” Chances are, when the camera flash hits your outfit, one is darker than the other.

Unfit and Baggy

Andre Agassi Baggy Suit

Never again…

There’s nothing more awkward than seeing a guy in an unfit and baggy suit. It’s like a child wearing his dad’s clothes. The suit should hug the body perfectly. The best way to acquire this is by going bespoke. The ready-made suits in your local department store are made for the mannequins. Your body is unique in every way so develop a good relationship with an excellent tailor.

Collar gap

Collar Gap

It shows that the suit you’re wearing is not yours.

This is one of those mistakes that once you realize, it cannot be unseen. It’s that gap the blazer’s collar and the shirt. You produce collar gaps when the jacket collar is too big for the wearer’s neck size. This happens because the blazer is from RTW or was poorly made.

Shoulder divots

Shoulder Divot

This is one fitting faux pas that you need to be aware of. These stubborn shoulder divots happen when the shoulder pads of the jacket are broader than your natural shoulder. When buying ready-to-wear, make sure that your shoulder snugs perfectly with the jacket. It can be very difficult, even for a well-experienced tailor, to alter shoulder jackets.

Button Rules

The bottom button should always be left alone. This menswear etiquette’s origin is unknown, but most experts would say that it is a tribute to King Edward VII. Legends say that King Edward VII became so plump that he can no longer fasten the last button of his waistcoat. To save the King from humiliation, everyone in his court did the same. The practice spread all over the world and became an unwritten rule among dapper men.

Buttons Unbuttoned

No matter how odd it may seem, there’s no harm in trying.

Mistakes are common and it happens to the best of us. It’s okay to commit anyone of these in your lifetime but that does not mean that you should never learn from it.

Now you know.